16 Jul /19

How Will Your Business Scale Translation Demand?

How Will Your Business Scale Translation Demand?
How Will Your Business Scale Translation Demand?

(Excerpt from our new white paper “An SME’s guide to translating print collateral”)

“Globalisation is a key growth driver for many UK businesses. But being present in multiple overseas markets creates a huge demand for the rapid and seamless delivery of content. How will you approach this challenge?

Technology-led solutions versus human expertise

Your translation and localisation strategy will need a mix of technology-led solutions and human expertise, each deployed for specific types of content. What’s more, a translation management platform for centralised and effortless processing can help to streamline demand.

Solutions powered by artificial intelligence to rapidly deliver large volumes of content have taken their place in the translation mix.

For high-end marketing content such as print collateral, machine translation output is still wide of the mark, but this technology does provide the foundation for other solutions including chatbots.

At the opposite end of the translation spectrum is transcreation – the combination of translation and copywriting – which is a preferred approach for many globally facing businesses. The ability to deliver an engaging and culturally authentic content experience can be a differentiator for products and services, but it’s one that demands expert human skill.

Process automation, the application of Machine Translation or human translation, and the best strategy for applying these different solutions should form part of a business’s global strategy discussion at its outset.

Whatever you decide, it’s undoubtedly an exciting journey for your business.”

For more advice on translating your business’ content for global markets, download our white paper today. This guide explains how to effectively create print collateral across multiple languages (including brochures and product catalogues), ready for your business to distribute at global expos.

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