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SEO translation Website translation and optimisation

SEO translation is the translation and optimisation of a website into foreign languages.

Combining the website’s content translation process with content optimisation ensures that the foreign language copy is professionally written and optimised in order to most efficiently be read by users and search engines.

Our SEO translation services are designed to ensure that the client’s website content is
search-engine- and user-friendly.

Typical steps involved in SEO translation services are:

The client provides a list of pre-defined keyword phrases that they currently (or would like to) have optimised in the source language.

These keyword phrases will act as a basis for optimisation in foreign languages. However our SEO experts carry out a thorough keyword research for the target languages and markets. If this step is left out and the keyword phrases are just literally translated then this can seriously affect the optimisation performance. It is vital that all keywords are correctly analysed, adapted and localised specifically for the relevant target markets/languages.

The localised keyword suggestions are then submitted to the client for their final approval.

  •  Keyword mapping

Once the keyword phrases have been determined, the next step will be to map the website architecture and text structure based on the keyword phrases.

The translation company should create a sitemap of the website structure (internal linking) and assign the target keyword phrases to the relevant web pages.

Secondly, a map of the text content structure (hierarchy of topics/paragraphs) is created for each individual web page that has to be optimised.

  •  Text content translation and optimisation – SEO copywriting

After the completion of the keyword phrases and text content mapping, the translation can begin.

The mapping will ensure that the translators keep the translation consistent with the optimisation process.

Our translators will not provide a literal translation of the source text, but will instead perform a translation with optimisation in mind, basing the text content around the keyword phrases.

This technique is known as SEO copywriting.

  •  Meta tags, image titles and anchor text creation and optimisation

For effective optimisation, as well as the actual web page content itself, the keyword phrases need to also be present in:

· Meta tags (title tag and description – found in the HTML source code)
· Image alt texts and titles (the text that describes an image)
· Anchor text / navigational links (the visible, clickable text used in hyperlinks)

Our SEO copywriters will ensure that keywords are used at the correct density.

Best SEO results are found when the on-site optimisation is combined with:

  • link building
  • search engine submissions
  • social media positioning and marketing
  • SEM and PPC campaigns
  • article and blog creation and marketing
  • copy written email marketing campaigns

EVS Translations can offer all of the aforementioned services, along with performance monitoring and reporting.