13 May /19

SlatorCon 2019: Disruptions and Consolidations

SlatorCon London 2019, May, 16

SlatorCon London 2019, May, 16

Back in 2018 our CEO, Edward Vick, spoke to the audience at SlatorMeet Hong Kong about augmenting translations with secure custom neural machine engines, explaining how this approach was powering further growth for EVS Translations in the legal and financial verticals. We’re looking forward to continuing the conversation on AI-driven technology solutions at SlatorCon 2019.

EVS Translations, in its position as one of the top 50 Slator 2019 LSPs, views the upcoming language industry’s decision-makers’ premier executive forum as the ideal venue to reflect on its over 25 years of business growth strategy and discuss the current state of the language industry.

What is keeping the language industry busy and what is EVS Translations’ response to the tech-driven market disruption?

NMT, as a solution to reduce time to market, would be a long-term trend for the language industry. Preparing for the market’s transition to a new phase of customisable machine translation, EVS Translations offers scalable NMT solutions as an alternative to or in combination with human translations and post-editing, operating its own secure closed systems for neural machine translation with processes conforming to ISO 18587 Post-editing of Machine Translation Output.

The LSP is ready to step ahead into the next generation of cloud NMT, while retaining its competitive advantage of a global team of 100 in-house translators and proofreaders. EVS Translations, as an LSP with an unusual in-house concept and 200 in-house employees, puts its dedicated network of in-house linguists at the centre of technology tools to enable the company to guarantee high-end quality niche expertise for different verticals.

In an industry where the big players are only expected to become bigger, with consolidations, M&A and investing reaching its peak, EVS Translations stands out with yet another unusual advantage as one of the few still privately-owned top 100 LSPs globally.

Edward Vick, CEO of EVS Translations: “Of course, the most difficult thing to predict is the future. What I am sure about is that there will be change. And that translators will still be busy. This year. Next year. And in 20 years.”

Completely owner operated and having the advantage of high responsiveness to customer needs and actual market conditions, EVS Translations is particularly interested in keynotes on the latest trends in agile development and how to further customize its customer-tailored project management platform solutions, along with sharing expertise on the fastest growing vertical sectors such as media localisation and transcreation, remote interpreting and video marketing services.

The rise of Open-Source Neural Machine Translation and the language industry’s high reliance on tech innovations, Big Data and structured corpora will inevitably come together with consolidations between unlikely partners and the SlatorCon 2019 is the ideal venue to discuss future market disruptions and collaborations.

See you there!

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