23 Sep /19

2019 SlatorCon Review: M&As, AI and Human Translators

EVS Translations’ founder and CEO Edward Vick attending the 2019 SlatorCon in San Francisco
EVS Translations’ founder and CEO Edward Vick attending the 2019 SlatorCon in San Francisco

On September 12, EVS Translations’ founder and CEO Edward Vick attended the 2019 SlatorCon in San Francisco, one of the biggest language and translation conventions in North America. At the sold-out event, Edward Vick was able to meet with other CEOs, owners, founders, and decision-makers of the language industry to discuss what is currently going on within the market and exchange ideas about it.

Amidst the overall positive atmosphere and hopeful outlook towards the future, the convention focused heavily on recent M&As, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its role in the translation industry, and data collection for large scale AI projects. Private equity investing versus venture capitalist investing was the topic of the center panel discussion and the highlight of the convention.

Edward Vick thought going to SlatorCon was as worthwhile as every year, “I enjoyed going as much as I do every time! SlatorCon is truly where the most influential people of the industry meet and exchange ideas with and learning from them is always a pleasure. The discussions and presentations offer scenarios about how the industry develops. I might disagree, even strongly, but it really makes me think.”

It is a question of thinking about the whole industry and understanding where it is going and what the client can offer and how it can be presented. What are added values and disadvantages of the increasingly well-designed AI programs? How does data security play into AI? How does the latest M&A impact security and quality?

In the end, translators and translation companies are at the heart. This is true now and will certainly be true in the future. Meeting at conferences such as the SlatorCon in San Francisco helps to learn how this is true, find those who can achieve this to serve clients.

If you met Edward Vick at SlatorCon or would like to get in contact with him nevertheless, don’t hesitate to reach out to him on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/edwardvick/.