9 Apr /19

Save the Date: SME Business Development Conference on May 6 in Charleston, SC

Save the Date: SME Business Development Conference on May 6 in Charleston, SC
Save the Date: SME Business Development Conference on May 6 in Charleston, SC

As in the past 2 years, EVS Translations will once again attend this year’s SME Business Development Conference on May 6 in Charleston, SC to exchange ideas and connect with other attendees and organizations in various industries.

Learning how to serve potential clients even better is always one of EVS Translations’ top-priority goals. By being taught new techniques by industry professionals, the hope is to improve existing relationships with customers, as well as establish healthy foundations for future ones.

The SME focuses on more than just business relationships, however. As a translation company that employs around 100 own in-house translators – a concept some might call unusual in the translation industry – EVS Translations is excited to immerse itself in the latest discourse of “Economy, Leadership, Digital Transformation, Marketing, Innovation, [and] People and Productivity,” which are the pillars of good customer service. Exchanging ideas with other businesses and attendees at the conference will provide fresh perspectives, new ideas, and valuable insights that will create opportunities for us and clients alike that were previously unavailable. To share our own ideas and expertise with others, so that they, too, may benefit from the 25 years of success that EVS Translations has enjoyed until today, is another greatly exciting aspect of attending the conference, especially when it comes to AI, machine translation, voice over/subtitles for videos, and more. By connecting with a company that has years of experience in all these topics, attendees of the conference will have the chance to inform themselves in detail about the latest trends and insights in them, enabling them to ask questions and learning about the future of these topics. As industry professionals, EVS Translations is more than happy to share their knowledge with others.

The Atlanta office’s General Manager Bjoern Pruefer will be at the conference and is looking forward to repeating the last two years’ success: “Going for a third time, we know what to expect now and we know it’s going to be a great event. Getting to network and socialize with industry professionals from all over has always been the highlight of the event for me and I’m sure brainstorming with everyone will be as successful as every year!”

Business Development Coordinator Elizabeth Bailey will also be attending the SME again, and she is as excited to be there as the last years: “The SME provides an informative and engaging environment to meet German and American business owners and professionals based in the Southeastern US, to chat with them about their products, services and needs, and to introduce our language services and expertise to them. I’m really looking forward to seeing people I’ve enjoyed chatting with at previous GACC events, meeting new SME attendees, as well as being in Charleston again. I welcome other attendees’ questions about our in-house corporate translations and languages, our DTP and IT capabilities, and our multilingual transcription, translation, subtitling and voice over services. Ask me anything!”

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