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SME Business Development Conference Review

SME Business Development Conference Review
SME Business Development Conference Review

On Monday, May 6th, Elizabeth Bailey and Bjoern Pruefer attended their third SME conference in beautiful Charleston, SC. The fact that the conference was held in this gorgeous town contributed highly to the overall great mood and positive vibes of it, says Elizabeth, EVS Translations’ Business Development Manager. The conference was held in the luxurious Marriott Hotel and took place from 7:30AM to 10PM on Monday, during which the attendees could make new connections, socialize with one another, or attend sessions about business development.

The attendees could choose to sit in on a variety of informative sessions. The top three of the EVS Translations employees were “How to Manage a PR Nightmare” held by Steve Gaut, “How AI Will Transform Every Aspect of Your Business as You Know It” by John Rich and Nic Roemer, and the closing keynote by Carol Campbell. All three sessions underlined strongly the reminder that translations are still and will always be in high demand for many to all businesses. As often as the topic of continuously improving Machine Translation came up at the conference, Elizabeth and Bjoern didn’t feel like anyone there was truly convinced that human translations were outdated.

Next to learning about the industry and informing oneself about the latest updates within it, the attendees of the SME were strongly encouraged to socialize with one another during their time there. In the lines for food, chatting by the stand, or afterwards in the rooftop bar – the event was a great place to make new connections in a relaxed and friendly environment. Many businesses were not aware that corporate translations exist for all formats (PDF, MP4, SRT etc.) and Bjoern and Elizabeth enjoyed the opportunity to explain to the attendees how translations can benefit all business types. During these talks, Bjoern, the General Manager of the EVS Translations Atlanta office, realized just how important word of mouth reputation can be: Some attendees had already heard about us from other companies, or were happy to pass on contact information between us and other businesses they knew could use our services.

All in all, both Elizabeth and Bjoern regarded this year’s SME as a great event that was as successful as the last three years! Next year, the SME will take place in Atlanta, GA, where EVS Translations is located as well, so we’re planning to participate even stronger. Stay tuned for what we have in mind and we hope to see you there!

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Did you meet Elizabeth and/or Bjoern at the SME and would like to connect?
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Elizabeth: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elizabeth-bailey/
Bjoern: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bjoern-pruefer-83547a71/