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How our team helped a major social media platform with multilingual social listening

How our team helped a major social media platform with multilingual social listening
How our team helped a major social media platform with multilingual social listening

As businesses expand into multiple overseas markets, tracking social media performance can become challenging not least because of the different languages involved. User behaviour can vary widely between markets, so it’s not possible to approach social media marketing with a one-size-fits-all approach. Understanding the local market, which also means understanding the language, brings much greater insight.

This is not only true for B2C and B2B brands, but even for the social media platforms themselves.

What is social listening?

Social media teams monitor social media channels to understand the key sentiments and discussions surrounding their brand and its interests (including its competitors and also industry trends). Social media managers are looking for direct mentions and other feedback or data from its audiences to assess the brand’s current status quo and to discover potential opportunities which could inform marketing strategy. This monitoring is a mix of quantitative and qualitative research.

Quantitative and qualitative social media research from EVS Translations

EVS Translations recently partnered with an award-winning communications agency, which is working with a well-known social media platform, to research how the platform is referenced by leading influencers on a competitor channel within a specific international market. Our team followed and analysed nearly 30,000 viral videos and stories in the respective foreign language and provided insights into the main themes and sentiments when it comes to cross-channel content promotion and influencer marketing. The research also included:

– Translation of all recorded content from the relevant foreign language into English to provide qualitative analysis

– A quantitative report based on monitoring 100 influencer accounts in the target market

– Key findings for competitor influence per sector as well as opportunities and target market trends to be aware of

These global social media channels are truly massive in scale, so a task such as tracking influencer activity to determine cross-channel opportunities is no quick and easy feat. The client requested a research period of 30 consecutive days. The delivery of the quantitative and qualitative social media reports followed immediately, and the final step stretched into another week of assisting the client in preparing a presentation with all the findings.

Multilingual social listening for marketing and communications agencies

Understanding the opportunities that social media marketing can deliver and identifying the best strategies to take advantage of them is essential for all marketers. Social media channels can be complex and, let’s be honest, at times tough to navigate. When all of this is happening in a foreign language, it becomes an even greater challenge.

If you are a marketing and communications agency and your end client needs support with overseas social media marketing, speak with our team. We can support your agency to deliver quantitative and qualitative social media research using foreign language data. This forms the basis of clear insights for your end client, which they can use to inform future social media strategies.

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