8 Oct /18

Speed v Accuracy v Security – Can You Have It All?

London Law Expo
London Law Expo

Tomorrow, our legal services expert Joanne Brompton will be attending London Law Expo keen to hear from sector leaders about how they are tackling the opportunities and threats around the crucial issues of technology and data security.

In our last blog we discussed getting the balance right between man and machine in legal translations. Now, in our final extract of the series from our legal services whitepaper, we examine the key issues to consider around data security in legal translation.

When a law firm is faced with high volumes of foreign language documentation to search and translate, they often call on the expertise of multiple Language Services Providers. It may also be tempting for law firms to use free open source translation tools to deal with the volumes of content for translation.

While managing multiple LSPs can be time-consuming and potentially impacts quality, it also has implications for data security. As multiple suppliers start to outsource translation, proofreading and document formatting services to their own chain of suppliers, data privacy becomes harder to manage.

Tip: a translation management platform can help to manage large volumes of documentation and improve data security.

Whilst speed and overall costs are critical factors in legal translation, we must not lose sight of the ultimate variable, data security. We need less people handling a firm’s sensitive data and secure systems to support high-volume translation.

A law firm should therefore be seeking a language services provider that ticks the following boxes;

  • Performs automated language processing using a secure software program
  • Uses its own extensive in-house staff for translation, proofreading and document formatting
  • Has a dedicated IT department

If they do that, they will be in an excellent position to ensure effective data security without compromising on accuracy or speed.

We posed the question of Speed v Accuracy v Security and if can you have it all? Yes, you can. Contact us today on +44 (0)1159 34 5010 or speak to Jo at the London Law Expo and we will help you find the perfect solution.