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A Look Back at the Spielmacher Conference 2019 – and What Translations Have to Do with It

The future of the football industry - Spielmacher Conference 2019
The future of the football industry – Spielmacher Conference 2019

Our Business Development Manager would almost go so far as to describe the atmosphere at the Spielmacher Conference 2019 in Hamburg on 12 June as informal. Suits and ties were few and far between – the organisers actively encouraged participants not to get dressed up, but instead to wear clothes in which they felt comfortable. ‘What was special about this event was that it was quick and easy to start a conversation – and in a top-class field of participants at that,’. Clubs, sports marketing agencies and software manufacturers grappled with the question of where is German and European football headed? How will it withstand the ever-increasing competition? How will it position itself in the international football community? The highlight and surely a dream come true for the 1,000-plus participants was Oliver Kahn, alias ‘the Titan’, who was one of the key speakers and provided exclusive insight into his view of the future of the football industry. The problem with its development is that the big become giant and the small are left with the arduous task of attracting and, above all, retaining talent.

A look back at the Spielmacher Conference 2019 – and what translations have to do with it
A look back at the Spielmacher Conference 2019 – and what translations have to do with it

Between these exciting contributions, however, representatives from EVS Translations also had enough time to throw light on the topic of translations. In view of the international leagues and the globalisation of the football industry, language service providers are becoming increasingly important for the translation of documents (such as contracts, annual reports and press releases) and the localisation of websites, chatbots, software interfaces as well as print and online marketing materials. A factor that seemed particularly important to participants was that translation companies could process all languages and formats. The fact that EVS Translations also has linguists specialising in sport translations among its 95 in-house translators came as a nice surprise to some of the contacts. With a strong, multilingual team of translation engineers on hand, each file format is made editable – take the classic PDF or XML and XLIFF files for example – and prepared so that it is ready for translation.

EVS Translations looks forward to attending the Spielmacher Conference again next year and to once more making lasting contacts in the sporting event’s relaxed atmosphere. Until then, the team will continue to provide sporting greats with high-quality specialist translations for the sporting industry.

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