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Bend It Like Hao Haidong

EVS Translations helps the sports marketing industry score goals in China
EVS Translations helps the sports marketing industry score goals in China

EVS Translations helps the sports marketing industry score goals in China

If the recent Twitter spat between NBA personnel and China has taught us anything, it’s that most sports have moved beyond being simply local or even national pastimes. While basketball may currently be the sports topic du jour, it still can’t compete with China’s favourite sport: football.

Though Chinese investment in European football clubs has been commonplace in the last several years, this is nothing compared to the impact that association football has had in China. Beginning with televising live games in the mid-1990s and hosting international association football friendlies, China’s love of the world’s most popular sport has steadily grown. While this has provided an opportunity to grow the game at local level (average Chinese Super League attendance has grown from audiences of 22,000 people per game to more than 26,000 in just the last several years) many Chinese fans still identify most closely with teams from the English Premier League, Italian Serie A, and the German Bundesliga. This is largely the result of early foreign exposure as well as the coverage of Chinese footballers playing in Europe.

As China’s middle class continues to expand and disposable incomes grow, this presents an incredible opportunity for overseas sports clubs as well as their marketing agencies. With a demographic already willing to identify itself with a specific organization or club, the right outreach further strengthens the bond between European clubs, their Chinese counterparts, and their Chinese fanbase.

But poorly organized events and cut-rate translated materials can easily blunt even the best targeted outreach, which leads to diminished results. How can clubs and sports marketing agencies be sure that they’re doing all they can to guarantee results?

With a proven record in dealing with multiple aspects of international sports translation, EVS Translations meets the most demanding needs of the sports marketing industry for Chinese language services.

Multi-faceted translation management in the sport industry

In addition to licensing, sponsorship and employment agreements, clubs and agencies have a wide variety of creative content that needs to be translated to facilitate successful organization and engagement. Utilizing expert process management and ISO-certified quality management, innovative translation technology solutions, tailored machine translation strategies, and in-house linguistic expertise, EVS Translations is the ideal partner to cover translation demand across finance, law, marketing & PR, medicine and human resources. From training manuals, contracts and event management to video and website localization solutions, EVS Translations has the expertise and experience to deliver precise and consistent content, no matter the volumes or time frames. “The project’s source and target languages range from more exotic languages such as Farsi to more common languages such as Chinese, Spanish and French which need to be translated parallelly for urgent translation demands”, says our Business Development Manager who specialized in sports translations for the international sports industry. He helps marketing agencies find the right products for their sports clients and therefore the optimal translation mix: “Many clients don’t know that there is more to the localization process than translation. They are surprised when they send me a video they need to be translated into seven languages and get the finished videos including voice-over or subtitles delivered – ready to be published. The most important part of my job is consulting clients and help them achieving communicating globally with the least effort and the best result.”

Data Security for sensitive sports translations

The security of your data is important. Starting from the ground up, all EVS Translations employees are trained in aspects of data security and protection. Access to sensitive information is restricted to those who are working on the project. By using our own in-house Chinese translators, we eliminate the need to outsource, thereby keeping your data under one roof and reducing vulnerability. Internally, we enforce strict guidelines regarding passwords, e-mail usage and encryption, data storage, and our client portal.

In-house team of Chinese linguists, formatting and desktop publishing experts

In response to increased demand for Chinese language solutions, EVS Translations has recently expanded its in-house team for Chinese translations. We have welcomed new Chinese translators to our global in-house team who, in cooperation with our in-house translation engineers specialized in Chinese layout and formatting, are ready to provide scalable Chinese language services to the fast-moving sports industry.

European football has captured the interest of the world’s largest national population and fastest growing economy all in a little over two decades. To sustain this interest, sports clubs as well as their marketing agencies must continue to actively grow engagement with the Chinese fanbase. EVS Translations is here to help the sports marketing industry score goals in China.

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