5 Nov /13

Building successful investor relations

investor relations translationIt’s no overstatement to say that investor relations and the resulting sentiment can alter the path of a company. Profitability and dividends naturally drive the satisfaction level of stakeholders and investors. It is therefore extremely important that companies make a substantial effort to communicate with their investors as clearly as possible how their current corporate roadmap will generate both long-term profitability and sustained dividends; in more than one language.

“Investing” in an innovative and professional investor relations department therefore makes sense. From the perspective of a business looking to attain new investors and please current investors, you want to ensure that your corporate image is broadcasted in a consistent and positive manner. Press releases, marketing material and all other corporate communication has to be clear, concise, and always striving to positively depict the business and its activities. Potential investors wanting to invest substantial capital in your business want to know in a clear and understandable way what your business is going to do with their investment and learn about the rate of return.

Though many businesses are still reliant on domestic investors, in a globalized economy it is essential to always be ready, willing, and able to market your business to all potential investors, from Trinidad to Turkmenistan. Before questioning the viability of such a move, consider these facts:

  • As globalization continues, cross-border trade and investment will only increase.
  • Foreign ownership of US corporate bonds is moving upwards near 40%, a high level not seen since the late 1980’s.
  • From 1971 to 2011, foreign ownership of US companies has increased from 1.3% to 22%.
  • In 2012, foreign investments in the US exceeded US investments abroad by $4.4 trillion.
  • Projection: Foreign control of US business revenue to overpass 50% by 2030.

In business, complacency equals stagnation, and a stagnating business will soon become a failing business. So, just as a business is willing to look across borders in order to expand sales, so too should businesses look abroad to expand its investor class. Facilitating this expansion, American businesses must be willing to meet and communicate with potential investors in their native language and culture, which means utilizing the services of a translation company that has the necessary international reach and is capable of tailoring its services to their specific needs.

EVS Translations has a leading reputation when comes to investor relations services. We offer a comprehensive language services support for corporate investor relations departments and translate reports from almost 100 listed companies a year. In addition, EVS Translations has some of the largest multilingual databases worldwide on IFRS and local GAAP terminology to leverage investor relations requirements. This makes the company a competent translation services provider for investor relations. This includes financial reporting, compliance, auditing and also to recurring materials such as press releases and regulatory reporting.

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