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Terminology Management – This is how your content remain an asset, whatever the language.

Terminology Management - EVS Translations
Terminology Management – EVS Translations

Inconsistent language makes content less powerful, information more difficult to understand, and products less user-friendly. That’s why it’s important to approach the translation of your corporate content in a strategic way. The challenge of managing translated content over regular volumes should not be underestimated – a poor translation can throw up a lot of retrospective discussion about what terms or expressions are or aren’t allowed.

Terminology management prepares the foundation for consistent and effective translation & localisation. Tempting as it may be to bypass this initial stage, and launch straight into the translation (in an effort to save time and cost in the short-term), proper terminology management ensures that your foreign language content is an asset, not a drain on resources.

Putting terminology management into practice

Your glossary of preferred terms is created and their translations approved. Simple key phrases or terms for product features or names usually appear here, but there are many more. You may want to avoid certain expressions, or ensure your corporate slogan always remains in your source language. This can be reviewed at any time and our terminology managers at EVS Translations will manage updates and new entries. All translators access this glossary during translation production.

Finally, don’t forget to streamline terminology management in your own company. Assign authorised people to sign-off terminology, since a mix of source language writers or reviewers or can create discrepancies and deviations in the foreign language content, which may have to be rectified later down the line.

EVS Translations works with global clients across all major industries to ensure that their content remains consistent in every language. We offer:

  • Analysis of client terminology
  • Creation of client-specific glossaries
  • Implementation of industry-specific reference materials with every project
  • Management and updates of client terminology database
  • Accuracy, consistency, long-term value