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What Does the Work of a Trainee at EVS Translations Actually Involve?

What Does the Work of a Trainee at EVS Translations Actually Involve?
What Does the Work of a Trainee at EVS Translations Actually Involve?

Or what does it actually NOT involve? Sweeping the courtyard, tidying up the storage area, ordering lunch, being bored – to name just a few ‘horror scenarios’. These are all things that EVS Translations does NOT demand from its trainees. On the contrary, we are conscious of the responsibility of being entrusted with young people who are taking their first steps into the working world. We want them to make this journey with enthusiasm and pass with flying colours.

The first step is always the hardest

So goes the common platitude. However, it can still be enjoyable despite this, says EVS Translations. Initially, we assign smaller tasks that trainees can carry out first under supervision and, with time, increasingly independently. Little by little, trainees will act more confidently and more professionally.

They are given the opportunity to spend time at all the departments that make us an established translation company – from accounting, administration and office management, marketing, HR, sales and project management right up to IT and translation technology. The aim is to understand how employees work together within a company in general and the processes involved in a (major) translation project in particular. At the same time, trainees learn about the market environment in which we operate as a translation service provider, with regard to customers and competitors and as an employer.

In the process, we never lose sight of the training content outlined in the job description for an office management assistant, as addressed in detail at vocational school. EVS Translations is one of the training organisations recognised by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Offenbach and has been training talented young people for more than ten years. What is remarkable is that the rate of people staying on at the company is 100%.

It’s the mixture of day-to-day business and smaller projects that does it

The question of what you learn as a trainee at a translation company cannot be answered exhaustively in this article, but here is a little snippet.

In office management, for example, trainees learn how to request quotations, place orders, monitor delivery and billing, book domestic and foreign travel and how to organise company events. The training continues in accounting, where you get an insight into invoicing, incoming payments and dunning as well as controlling. But it doesn’t end there. Trainees spend time at all the departments that are important for the translation process. And each department has its own special features.

What requirements does a trainee have to meet?

Ideally, a trainee should have a good school-leaving qualification from a secondary school or a technical Abitur (vocational school-leaving certificate). Alongside excellent German skills, English is a welcome addition. All you need after that are curiosity, a desire to learn and a friendly attitude. The rest will happen by itself. After all, you are ultimately a trainee and are learning for the first time what you will master later!

How does it work and what happens next? – Application and prospects

The training runs over three years and can even be shortened by six months if you are doing well. It always begins in August, and applications can be submitted via our website. If you are suitable and there is a vacancy at the company, a permanent position at EVS Translations beckons. You will be supported by the training supervisor and HR. They will also review training reports and will welcome questions and feedback.

Interested? Apply now!

Would you like to work in an international team and be part of a company that helps other businesses to communicate across national borders? One thing is for certain – the translation industry is a great place for a professional future and offers plenty of opportunities for further training.

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