2 Oct /12

The trend in the translation industry in the UK, USA and Germany

translation companies UK, GermanyOver the last decades the trend in the translation industry in  the UK, the USA and Germany is to downsize, rather than expand, translation departments. Many in-house translation departments of big corporations have been closed while independent translation companies have found it necessary to downsize and reduce costs in order to stay afloat. As more and more UK, USA and Germany-based translation companies are closing their in-house departments, translation assignments are outsourced to freelance translators.

At the same time, public and commercial organizations in those countries have adopted a similar approach and increasingly rely on language services provided by freelance translators or even outsource their translation services projects to translation companies rather than maintaining their own division of in-house translators. Both English and German translation companies are therefore scaling down while increasing their pool of freelance translators worldwide. This allows them to only keep in-house independent reviewers (editors and proofreaders) who perform the quality control of the freelancers’ work and provide feedback for project management.

This trend obviously also impacts the job market for translators. In certain parts of the UK, the USA and Germany, there are virtually no in-house vacancies available for translators or in-house translator positions are advertised only once every couple of months. The job market for translators in search for full-time positions in translation companies has therefore been reduced to major corporations and governmental agencies.

The European Union and the United Nations are, for instance, two major employers who employ in-house translators on a large scale. Regardless of the current economic downturn and the overall trend, there are, however, some well-established translation companies in the UK, the USA, Germany, and elsewhere realizing the advantages of working with in-house teams of translators rather than with individual freelancers.

EVS Translations is one of the translation companies that employ a large team of in-house translators on three continents, and that very fact constitutes a key competitive advantage in comparison to most other translation companies in the UK, the USA and Germany. The employees of our global translation offices all translate into their native language, thereby continually guaranteeing the high linguistic quality and accuracy of the translation services provided by EVS Translations.

Furthermore, we are a company that is driven by specialized in-house teams of translation reviewers, desktop publishing, web professionals, glossary specialists and project managers.