19 Dec /17

Turning large but uncoordinated translation demand into an efficient process for greater value

EVS Translations offers translation platform solutions to corporations with a high level of demand with the following free services
EVS Translations offers platform solutions to corporations with a high level of demand

Globally focused SMEs and multinational companies face a myriad of challenges surrounding global communication and information exchange. The translation industry, then, has been borne out of a demand for language solutions that support globalisation and growing volumes of content as it spreads into multiple overseas markets. Strategies and technological innovations have developed to make translation smarter than ever. The irony is, however, corporations can be slow on the uptake. There still exists an erratic approach by businesses towards using translation services, which can undermine the value that great content delivers. But by being strategic about translation management means eliminating inefficiencies, controlling spend, and reducing the administrative burden, all while gaining greater value and improved data security.

So, how to join up the multiple points of translation demand which exist across a corporation to form a clear overview that streamlines and controls activity? This is where translation platforms support businesses.

Translation portal solutions or ‘platforms’ have developed to help businesses capture the full value of translation services. From enabling authorized employees to autonomously obtain quotes for translations, to placing orders or generating reports, they offer a coordinated approach to high-volumes of translation. Additionally, clients can see which queries they have sent, which quotes they have received, and which orders are currently being processed or completed. What’s more, clients can upload or download the files to be translated, receive email confirmations of the respective work steps (upon request), and view their invoices. Only the appointed administrator/supervisor is able to view all quotes, orders, and invoices. A translation platform ensures that large translation demand is not left unchecked and that the value of translation services delivered is not undermined.

EVS Translations offers platform solutions to corporations with a high level of demand with the following services:

  • Customization of the start page (incorporation of your logo and simple graphic adjustments)
  • Creation of an additional info page following the login (welcome, your contact person is…, please note…, recent modifications…)
  • Creation of up to 10 short “How-To Guides” (PPT or other) that are stored in the information area and can be downloaded by the users.
  • Data transfer function (upload and download via the portal)
  • Collaboration with your IT for the creation of an internal login
  • Supervisor logins for the monitoring of all orders and invoices
  • Onboarding support for users (1 month)


Additionally, we offer:

  • User support and maintenance
  • Additional premium services upon consultation and request


It’s inevitable that globally focused companies will require the expertise of translation service providers. And as requirements develop into high-volume demand, the mistake is to approach this unsystematically. Coordinate and streamline translation activity across your corporation so your global content becomes an asset, not a drain on resources.