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How Can Project Managers Add Value to Corporate Translation Buyers?

How Can Project Managers Add Value to Corporate Translation Buyers?We remembered a great live stream session by Tucker Johnson from Nimdzi Insights, who spoke about the value of a translation project manager. His guest from a language services provider cautioned against the problem of project managers becoming ‘file nannies’ – people who pass documents between clients and the translation team.

Of course, every great translation provider knows that project managers deliver so much value for businesses that need support with large-scale translation demands. Far from simply being a ‘middle-man’ who keeps the cogs of a project turning, a great project manager works hard to implement specific client requirements and continually optimise product quality and overall service delivery.


Precise project planning ensures reliability, even in times of uncertainty

Project managers oversee the entire production process – from terminology management and linguistic production to quality assurance and any coordinated activity with the translation technology team. For high-volume and/or complex translation work, they manage production according to specific processes, milestones and benchmarks to ensure ongoing excellence in service delivery and product quality. They plan projects with enough capacity to deal with unforeseen human resources difficulties and the working environment itself, which in turn allows stringent adherence to deadlines and delivery reliability.


At EVS Translations, the duties of translation project managers include:

  • Planning and managing translation jobs (scheduling, consulting with clients on deadlines).
  • Establishing a team for processing the order (selecting suitable and predominantly internal employees, e.g. in-house translators).
  • Ensuring the flow of information (including coordinating queries from translators).
  • Monitoring deadlines and quality assurance checkpoints.
  • Participating in training sessions and product briefings.
  • Participating in kick-off meetings and discussions in cases of quality issues.
  • Updating client information.


Now that you see how a translation project manager attributes to the many processes of translation projects, they are indeed the key to success for a translation organisation – besides, of course, highly qualified, trained, and subject specialist translators. This set-up allows translation service providers like EVS Translations to achieve high quality and timely delivery of our translation projects, on any scale.

To learn even more about project management at EVS Translations, check out how translation managers are experienced in coordinating high-volume and diverse translation demands on our website. Enjoy!


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