9 Feb /17

Finding the Smartest Solution for Your Pharmaceutical Translation Requirements

Pharmaceutical Translation Requirements Finding the Smartest Solution for Your Pharmaceutical Translation Requirements – EVS Translations

We are all under pressure from budgets; having to keep an eye on spending. Sometimes, translation fees feel like an unwelcome expense when your budget is already being squeezed. There’s the temptation to source the cheapest translation quote, but you need to ensure the job is done properly, so you have a dilemma: quality or price?

But it doesn’t always have to be like this. Sometimes it’s not about you having to choose price over quality – it’s about a translations provider coming up with smart solutions for your content that keep costs within your budget while maintaining its final quality.

Take this recent example: a 500 page document relating to statistical protocols for a pharmaceutical client came in to the EVS Translations office – a mixture of Russian and English text and the requirement was to only translate the Russian. But how much Russian text is actually in there? In a five hundred page document, with a mixture of text, technical drawings and diagrams, the word count could be somewhere in the region of 100,000 words. The translation engineering team at EVS Translations input the content in specialist translation software and isolated the English content to analyse only the Russian. It turned out that, across 500 pages, there was actually only 20,000 words of Russian to translate – significantly less than the client had first imagined. Other providers involved in the bidding stage were not able to analyse the content of the document to the same extent, which substantially impacted the cost and timeframes outlined in their quotes.

If you have a large amount of content to be translated – whether it’s for one particular document or over the long-term for your company, EVS Translations can provide technical solutions to make the process of translation more efficient, manage terminology effectively and identify the content that you really need. If you have translation requirements but are not sure how to match them with the demands of your budget and for quality, speak with our teams and find out the solutions available to you.