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3 Translation Tips Global Brand Managers Need to Know

3 Translation Tips Global Brand Managers Need to Know - EVS Translations
3 Translation Tips Global Brand Managers Need to Know – EVS Translations

As a global brand manager you are responsible for building product awareness and engagement in order to drive growth across international markets. Inevitably, you come up against the issue of language, so a reliable source for translation expertise is crucial. Delivering a translated and localised brand message, which aligns with the global strategy and remains consistent across markets, is no easy feat.

There is usually more than one way to approach the translation of content for your brand including: using internal company resources, outsourcing directly to in-country freelance translators, or partnering with a Translation Services Provider. But it’s the last of these 3 options that can help you to strategically manage content across all markets to reduce risks, create value, maximise quality, and streamline the workflow.

Working with FMCG brands, large corporate marketing departments and individual brand managers, our team at EVS Translations often gives the following advice about translation and working with a Translation Services Provider:

Tip 1: Chopping and changing suppliers may lead to confusion and time wasted

Changing the way you manage translations and source individual languages (a Translation Services Provider for French, a freelance translator for Dutch, an internal employee for German) can directly impact consistency and the long-term value of your translated content. You are potentially going to spend a lot of time managing multiple suppliers and checking that everything matches up across languages. Centralising your language requirements through one provider standardises workflows across all languages, including those for terminology management and feedback cycles.

Tip 2: Communicate the detail

Don’t be shy: be really specific about the nuances that are integral to your brand. We work with brand managers for global deodorant products and understand that it’s these nuances, aligned with the brand strategy, which need to be in the translated concept. Whatever words, nuances and brand terms underpin your original concept, your Translation Services Provider will appreciate a detailed briefing and implement it effectively. Plenty of communication in the early stage, including collaboration on style guides, ensures that a solid foundation is established for translations.

Tip 3: Find a supplier who adds a value

For brand managers working with a brand end-to-end and across the full marketing mix, it makes sense to source a supplier who can bundle all your requirements into one streamlined service. EVS Translations has worked with FMCG brands in many areas from subtitles for TV commercials and e-commerce product listing updates to product packaging. Multilingual SEO also ensures keywords appropriate to the target market are placed in your translations. And it’s right here that we should point out something pretty unique about EVS Translations: we can provide these services through our own in-house talent.

Take a strategic approach to translation and partner with EVS Translations.
We can help you get the most from your translated content and create something that drives growth for your brand.