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Once upon a time the word translation did not relate to translation agencies or translation services.

Translation meant transferring something from one state into another. For example, the bones of a saint are removed from one church and put in another (“translation”), a holiday is switched from one day to another (“translation”) or a person is taken up directly to heaven from earth without dying (“translation”).

Its meaning of transferring words and thoughts from one language to another related originally to the Bible. The first person to use it was an Englishman, Richard Rolle, a writer about religion and also a translator of the Bible. Now largely unknown, he was probably the No. 1 bestseller in England throughout the 1300s and 1400s. As a result, he is one of the authors who contributed some of the most new words to the English language.

He wrote in Latin and English and translated between the two. An excellent example is his commentary on the Psalms which he wrote in Latin. He followed up on this with their translations into English, along with a commentary in English. This was actually the first translation of any part of the Bible into English. He comments that “in the translation I follow the letter as mykyll as I may” – meaning that he is doing the best he can.

At the same time, he comes across the dilemma of the translator. How close should a translator keep to the text? How many explanations should a translator give? He states that he does not want to use strange English, but writes in a light fashion which can be easily understood.

Much has changed since then, yet the modern translators keep facing the same old dilemma. And if the archaic explanation appealed interesting to you, but, indeed, you need professional translation services which answer the quality standards and requirements of the modern world, you have landed just at the right place to contact one of the leading international translation companies. Click here to see what EVS Translations can offer you: