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How EVS Translations can fuel the automotive industry in Austria

Austria has emerged as a driving force behind Europe’s automotive industry.Numerous global automotive manufacturers and component suppliers are continually setting up new and substantial investment and development projects in Austria.

Automobiles and automotive components made in Austria are particularly in demand around the world – the export ratio is approximately 90%.

The prime export destinations are the European Union and the United States.

Austria is home to about 80 international automotive suppliers.

The business and research communities are closely linked in Austria. Component suppliers, motor vehicle manufacturers, service providers and research institutions work together in clusters and competence centres and exploit innovations.

The three most important automotive clusters located in Upper Austria, Styria and the Vienna Region promote strategic partnerships and support the automotive industry’s developments and effective competitiveness.

Professional automotive translation services could become a competitive advantage as well because will help the industry to expand further.

And in reality, to compete effectively on the global market, Austrian-based automotive OEMs and automotive suppliers invest huge sums of money to make sure that their materials are accurately translated.

Translation services requirements for the automotive sector

For one of the biggest industries in Austria professional translation is not an option, it is a necessity.

The Austrian automotive industry must make technically complex products easy to be produced, sold, serviced and operated for millions of professionals, agents, service centres and customers around the globe by:

  • Providing training and user materials in different languages to its international workforce
  • Providing all production and maintenance documents into the languages of the professionals who will produce, maintain and service the automotive industry products
  • Providing customer-facing documents into in the respective languages of the markets in which its products are sold
  • Meeting the legal, language and cultural preferences and local customer preferences on different markets.

How EVS Translations can fuel the automotive industry in Austria

Our automotive translation expertise

EVS Translations is a leading translation services provider to the automotive sector.

EVS Translations is proud to include European, Japanese and American OEMs and Tier 1 and 2 suppliers among its clients, which also include advertising agencies operating in the automobile industry.

They all rely on our expertise in particular when it comes to translating their most complex and challenging automotive translation projects.

Our team of professional automotive technical translators

EVS Translations only employs highly skilled and experienced native automotive translators who can deliver top quality automotive-related documents translation.

We assign automotive engineering translation projects to only the best automotive translators who are not only expert linguists, but who also have vast experience in the scientific and technical engineering field.

Our pool of in-house automotive technical translators includes linguists who are specialised in translating to and from many different technical domains e.g. automotive and industrial equipment, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, telecommunication, aviation etc.

All our technical translators have shared real-time access to dictionaries, specialised glossaries and translation memory systems – guaranteeing that the correct terminology and register is consistently applied in every automotive translation project, no matter how small or large.

All our automotive translators have up-to-date knowledge of the latest developments in the automotive industry.

Our automotive technical translation services portfolio

– Warranty books translation
– Diagnosis, maintenance and product manuals translation
– Assembly manuals translation
– Training, user, dealer documentation translation
– Technical and service bulletins translation
– Service and diagnostic literature translation
– Wiring and electric diagrams translation
– Rollout schedules translation
– Logistics concept guidelines translation
– Development and construction
– Control and measuring technology
– Automation technology
– Electronics and microelectronics

Translation services for automotive non-technical documents

Besides automotive technical documents translation, EVS Translations provides translation of many automotive industry-related non-technical documents.

  • Legal translations: Translations of cooperation and maintenance contracts, translation of licenses, translation of legislation and implementing rules etc.
  • Advertising translations: Translations of websites, translations of brochures, advertising campaigns and other commercial materials etc.
  • Corporate translations: Translation of bid and tender documentation, translation of Expression of Interest and Request for Proposals, translation of crew training and internal communication, translation of press releases, corporate identity, etc.
  • Financial translations: Translations of annual reports, financial summaries and planning translations, stock exchange documentation translation, etc.

Automotive translation quality

Standardised workflow procedures ensure that both quality standards and delivery schedules are maintained, even when multiple projects are handled simultaneously.

Whether the topic relates to sales and marketing, engineering, legal or financial work, our teams of specialised in-house native translators and reviewers work intensively with project managers to provide consistent and accurate automotive translations.

EVS Translations is a full-service translation company with a global presence and over 20 years experience and processes in line with ISO 9001.

Automotive translation is one of the key areas of expertise at EVS Translations which has master agreements with OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

Each key account has its own project manager who stipulates the individual work flow, coordinating the internal IT and vocabulary teams who do preparatory work before the work is handed on to the automotive translator teams and internal quality control. Because it has a large in-house team of translations and proof readers, almost 95% of all translation and work is done in-house.

EVS Translations has the resources and experience to complete even the most challenging automotive translation projects (high volume, tight deadline, multilingual, IT resources).

Value-added services for automotive translation

With special value-added services, EVS Translations offers more than language translation to the automotive industry.

EVS Translations offers to its customers interpreting, localisation, desktop publishing and marketing services.

Whether simultaneous, consecutive or whispered interpreting is called for, our specialists translate smoothly and with a high degree of precision. EVS Translations provides experienced interpreters and will be happy to consult with you in order to identify the most suitable interpreting solutions for your business needs.

Our in-house IT department includes software developers and SEO experts, who can translate, localise and optimise any automotive business website regardless of the nature of the source code.

We work closely with marketing researches and specialists and can assist in the successful creation and execution of your automotive marketing campaigns.