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Future Energy

oil gas translations Kazakhstan The breakdown of the Soviet Union has reshaped the political and economic landscape of both Europe and Asia. 20 years after the collapse of the Soviet bloc former Soviet republics like Kazakhstan have, in fact, become major players in the world’s increasingly competitive energy market.

Thanks to its vast resources of oil and natural gas, Kazakhstan has made significant economic progress in the relatively short time since gaining independence from the Soviet Union. The largest land-locked country on the planet not only harbors the second largest oil reserves (according to the US Energy Information Administration EIA, Kazakh oil reserves amount to at least 30 billion barrels), but also the second most productive extraction industry (producing 1.54 million barrels per day in 2009) among the former Soviet republics after Russia.

Clearly, the oil and gas sector (headed by the Kazakhstan National Oil Company and KazTransOil) carries Kazakhstan’s economic resurgence whose spoils are proudly displayed in the nation’s capital. Astana, Kazakhstan’s capital since 1997, boasts a number of astonishing architectural marvels, including the Bayterek tower, Khan Shatyr, a structure resembling a traditional Kazakh yurt, the Pyramid of Peace, and the Central Concert Hall. But the newfound economic prosperity has also produced a stable political and legal environment that continues to attract foreign investors. As a result, major global oil & gas exploration and production companies such as Baker Hughes, Chevron, Total, ExxonMobil, BG Group, Shell, ENI, and ConocoPhillips have established major operations in the county and invested in the exploration of the nation’s numerous oil and gas fields yet to be developed. If the initial surveys of fields such as Tengiz, Karachaganak, Aktobe, Mangistau, Kumkol, Uzen, and Kashagan deliver the production numbers they promise, Kazakhstan could quickly rise to one of the world’s top five oil producers and one of the world’s top oil exporters within the next decade.

The international climate and the rapid growth of the oil and gas sector in Kazakhstan has, in turn, brought a significant demand for industry-specific language services to the country. However, translation services for complex industries such as the energy sector are one of the most difficult and complex as they call for industry specific translators with excellent training and command of extremely specialized vocabulary.

Translations for the oil and gas industry furthermore encompass a multitude of processes and their documentation. Just some of the documents one many encounter in a typical oil and gas translation assignment include: upstream documents (used in surveying, exploration, and production), downstream documents (refining and marketing), material data safety sheets, oil and gas legislation and country specific laws, transportation documents, pipelines construction blueprints, AutoCAD drawings, environmental and social impact assessments, operation and maintenance manuals, tender documents, financial reports, websites and software updates, marketing materials and PR brochures.

As an FPAL registered translation company, EVS Translations is a specialist for all oil and gas translations. Its particular focus is the translation of documents related to the exploration, extraction, refining, and delivery of petroleum and gas products. With more than twenty years of experience and over 100 in-house employees, you can leverage its multi-national presence and in-house teams of industry specific translators in the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia through the US office in downtown Atlanta. Excellent project management and processes mean that your projects can be completed in a cost-optimized fashion. All language requirements can be covered – from a one page initial survey report to a one million words pipeline construction blueprint.

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