17 Aug /10

Turkey realigns chemical laws

Turkish chemical regulations MSDS

The chemical industry is a global sector which means chemical manufacturers must communicate in many languages. As many of the world’s chemical manufacturers have seen substantial growths in export over the last 5 years this has meant for chemical regulations to become more stringent.

The main markets in which all manufacturers look to dominate is within the EU, which has strict quality control on chemical exports, enforced by European Commission in 2007, commonly known as REACH.

As new markets look to become part of the EU, more and more countries are aligning their regulations to provide a swift integration within the next few years. Chemical manufacturers are all familiar with translating MSDS to be in compliance with EU Reach and CLP regulations however many are unaware of the amendments in Turkish chemical regulations which was implemented earlier this year.

EVS Translations has assisted major chemical manufacturers to be in compliance with Regulation on Preparation and Distribution of Safety Sheets for Hazardous Substances and Preparations No. 27092 (Repeated) December 2008 by Republic of Turkey MoEF.

This regulation means that all safety data sheets are to be translated correctly in full compliance with this regulation by a certified translator that has been accredited by one of the selected institutions.

Our Turkish chemical translators have been certified by the accredited bodies offering assurances to all chemical companies that their products will be in compliance with all export and import laws.