13 Feb /15

Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, what a better time to have love on our minds. This wonderful feeling which makes us indulge in often unrealistic but highly pleasant dreams.

Cupid can find us at any place of the world and the love arrows hit us without a warning slogan in a language we can understand. As love talks in the language of the heart but not the brain. Just look at all those couples who are freshly in love, speak different languages, but regardless of the linguistic barrier find a way to very well understand each other. For an outsider it looks like they have developed their own special pattern of communication, which seems completely illogical yet makes the world to them.

Our mission is to effectively connect people around the globe regardless of the language they speak, and we give the necessary praise to love as the universal medium of communication.

To add a taste and spice to your Valentine’s Day, we offer you a selection of 4 love related facts from around the world – from the most attractive accent and the most preferred wine to love apple and aphrodisiacs.

– Do you know that, surprise, British is labeled as the most attractive accent?

– Do you know that the world’s wine sales for Valentine’s Day are topped by Chardonnay?

– Do you know that the hazelnut is a aphrodisiac and this is why dancing around a hazelnut tree was once considered good for love?

– Do you know that the tomato was once known as a love apple, because of its aphrodisiac qualities?

And if love is not on your list to do this weekend, you can indulge in a cozy relation with your sofa and have a binge – wine drinking, chocolate eating and Netflix romantic movies’ watching and still make the best of Valentine’s Day.


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