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Video Content as a Powerful Tool at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

Video Content as a Powerful Tool at Every Stage of the Customer Journey - EVS Translations
Video Content as a Powerful Tool at Every Stage of the Customer Journey

Video is the perfect medium to support customers along their decision-making process and a powerful tool to strengthen customer relationships and improve sales funnels and conversion rates. Wyzowl’s* Video Marketing Statistics 2020: The State of Video Marketing annual report highlights the growing need for marketers to integrate video into each stage of the customer journey with the following key findings: 92% of marketers who use video content consider it an important part of their marketing strategy with 95% stating that video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service and a whopping 89% of video marketers reporting that video gives them a positive ROI (80% reporting on seeing a direct increase of sales as a result of video marketing). In terms of different types of video marketing content, explainer videos top the stats of most-commonly created types of video (72%), followed by presentation (49%), testimonial videos (42%) and sales videos (42%). From customer point of view, 86% say that they would like to see more video from brands in 2020.

Customers do want to see more videos.
Is your company implementing the right type of video content along key touch points in the customer journey?

Different types of video perform better in specific stages of the sales funnel.

The awareness stage: The right point to raise trust towards your brand through educational and social media stories that answer questions and provide solutions.

The consideration stage: The next goal of your video marketing efforts is to keep prospects engaged and lead them toward taking a specific action. Product videos, tutorials, Q&As, and webinars could be particularly powerful.

The conversion stage: Success stories and case studies from current customers could be the perfect video content to convert prospects into customers. Other type of video content that works well as the final touch point during the purchase stage are client onboarding videos.

The advocacy stage: Client-tailored videos should be the bedrock of your loyalty-building marketing strategy. Follow up with special offers, updates, and nurturing e-mail campaigns to drive loyalty and build a community of advocates. Your new followers could be your future brand ambassadors!

Often, video content is considered as a tool for driving brand and product awareness at the very top of the marketing funnel, but it can be a powerful tool at every stage of the customer journey. Lucy, our US and UK Marketing Manager shares her own experience of how a well executed video strategy persuaded her to make a purchase decision:

Recently, I bought a car. I had a test drive in three different models and could not decide! I did feel a bit sorry for the sales rep as I walked out of the showroom and said ‘yeah, I’ll call you tomorrow…’ knowing that I would probably just keep looking. The next day in my inbox I got an e-mail from him and there was a two-minute video shot on his mobile phone. He did a quick commentary on the features of the cars while walking around and looking inside them. I was really impressed with the way he quickly tried to pull me back into a conversation with video and by showing me all the things I had liked about the cars.

We deliver localised video content that is ready to launch

Follow Lucy and the team at EVS Translations on LinkedIn to learn more on how to gain brand credibility and engage new customers through authentic and culturally appropriate video storytelling. EVS Translations works with many businesses, including corporate marketing departments and media production agencies, to deliver video content – subtitles, voice-over and on-screen text – in a wide range of languages. We deliver localised videos that are ready to launch

Contact our video localisation experts today if your marketing department is planning to deliver video content into global markets. Wyzowl’s report found out that 75% of consumers have not bought a product because the voice-over annoyed them. Partnering with EVS Translations for your video localisation needs will help you turn some of those annoyed users into happy customers.

*Wyzowl is UK-based video production company. There were 656 unique respondents to their survey in December 2019. The sample included both marketing professionals and online consumers.

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