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Create Video Content with Voiceover to Engage Global Consumers

Create Video Content with Voiceover to Engage Global Consumers
Create Video Content with Voiceover to Engage Global Consumers

More and more businesses are investing in video content to communicate with their global consumers or global employees. EVS Translations works with businesses to create videos which are either subtitled or delivered with voiceover into multiple different languages. We’ve created everything from international subtitled videos for a famous deodorant brand, to internal communications for a leading USA-based employment site for job listings. From Thai and Japanese to German and Latin American Spanish, we’ve seen it all! So here is our overview of the process and some advice for businesses out there thinking about delivering their global video content with voiceover…

The voiceover workflow

Creating voiceover for video is a multistage process generally involving transcription, translation, voiceover recording, and embedding. There are options along the way, so it’s important to have a general understanding of the process to help the project reach a successful conclusion.

Do you have a script of the video content? If you don’t we will transcribe your video and use this as the basis for translation. You can also keep this script as the basis for any future translations or work with the video content.

Timing – lip sync or narration? In general, aim to allow more time for lip sync work than narration.

Do you need any onscreen text translating? If you want a video captioned, how many lines per caption? We can make captions but it’s going to get complex trying to provide onscreen text (overlay) without the original video file from the client. Which leads us to another important point…

Setting up a video project for success

To create onscreen text for videos, the original file could be an Adobe Premiere project file.  Receiving original files (whether its Adobe Premiere files for video, or InDesign files for brochures) makes the difference between a low-quality product or high-quality product. Delays in receiving these files also impacts our ability to meet your deadlines. It’s far more time and labour intensive without proper files/packages, which will impact the price of your project.

Managing expectations

Sometimes clients are not sure what they want and . We have to give you something that is going to create the impact you are looking for. So we don’t want to steer you into our idea, but manage your expectations and set things on the right path from the outset. Sometimes we have to say “yes or “no” that can’t be done”. We don’t want to make things difficult but if you start down a certain path, we know what the result will be. If it’s enormous amount of time expenditure or mediocrity, we will put forward our recommendations.

Video production can be much more time consuming for a company compared to, for example, creating online text-based content (with mistakes also being much harder to rectify). This means your voiceover translation needs to be executed perfectly to achieve maximum gain. We can guide our clients through the process, and manage their expectations, so that their message to global consumers or employees creates impact.

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