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Video games translation and localisation

Video games translation and localisation
Video games translation and localisation

The video game industry is the economic sector involved with the development, marketing and sale of video games.

Video games are liked by all age groups and they can be enjoyed by global audiences if they are accurately translated and localised to fit the needs of each market.

The demand for entertainment software has prompted game developers to realise the value and importance of game translation and localisation.

Video Game Translation

The quality of video game translation services depends on the ability of a translation company that:

  • use the services of in-house native speaking experts. Native speakers will ensure text adaptation in the best possible way;
  • use translators who have relevant linguistic qualifications as well as experience in video game translations that will translate all the text and audio to accurately represent the content of the game;
  • use experts who have technical knowledge and understanding of specific terminology (consoles, platforms, accessories);
  • has an in-house IT team, which comprises of software experts who can work with any platform including PC, Mac, Nintendo Wii, Xbox, PSP and all handheld devices;
  • makes the most out of the usage of CAT (computer aided translation) and TMTs (translation memory) tools;
  • can accept a variety of formats including source and database files and can ensure that files will be delivered in the client’s desired format;
  • has a Quality Assurance Department, which will carry out in-depth quality control guaranteeing compliance with the quality standards and the deadlines.

Video Game Localisation

Game localisation is a linguistic and cultural adaptation to guarantee that every aspect of a video game, from packaging to software, will fit the local market.

Main aspects of video game localisation include:

  • Linguistic localisation – packaging, product description, user manuals, instructions, tutorials, help information, hardware and software specifications, subtitles, in-game texts;
  • Software localisation – websites, animation, user interface, scripts;
  • Graphics, audio, video localisation.

To give players a genuine gaming experience and successfully market their products, video game developers must pay close attention to the quality of video game translation and localisation.

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