15 Aug /13

Voice over Words

voice over servicesIf, as we are all told, a picture is worth a thousand words, the explanation of the picture must be considered priceless. With more people than ever relying on television, film, and websites like YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, etc. to receive news and information as well as entertainment, the power of visual media seems to reign supreme. However, pictures often only tell half of the story. To really grasp the meaning behind the pictures and understand what message the creator is attempting to convey, there must be some sort of explanation of meaning to the audience: this is where voice-overs come into play.

The process of actually making a voice-over is quite simple. First, there is he actual video, shot in the original production language, often English. The text of the actors was determined by the script. After he production of the English version is completed the production team will then localize the video for all desired target markets. The first step is to translate the script into the languages the movie will be translated into. If there is no script, as in an interview, or documentary recording. The text will have to be transcribed by a professional transcriber. Then, the transcribed text or script will be translated, and, as in cases of advertising commercials edited to match the cultural and linguistic preferences of the target audience. Finally, a voice talent will record the translated text on a new voice track which will then have to be engineered to match the original video. The applications of voice-over technology are limited only by the creativity of the producer and in fact allows artists and businesses to reach every single person on the planet.

While voice over creation is a fantastic tool to attract audiences for both artistic and commercial purposes, it does require a lot of steps and a smooth integration of technology, human talent, and communication skills. For your next multilingual advertising spot make sure linguistic localization and your artistic vision are integrated seamlessly. At EVS Translations we employ more than 65 in-house translators who can translate your scripts effectively and accurately. In addition, we employ voice talents who can then record your texts into more than 30 languages. For more information on our voice over services please visit: https://evs-translations.com/translation-services/voiceover-translation/