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Website Translation including Multilingual SEO and SEA Support for the Real Estate Industry

Website Translation Solutions
Website Translation including Multilingual SEO and SEA Support for the Real Estate Industry – EVS Translations

At the start of the year, we received a request from a medium-sized real estate company that wanted its website translated from German into English and Russian. The multilingual translation of the website for vacation apartments was supported by search engine marketing – such as SEO and SEA support.

Before the actual translation, the German website was first searched for suitable keywords and their search engine value checked. Meta-titles and meta-descriptions were recreated and optimized in line with current Google guidelines – for example number of characters, content, etc.

Then it was a matter of translating the filtered keywords into English and Russian and checking their value in the English-language version of Google and the Russian search engine Yandex. Together with the customer, it was agreed which keywords made sense for the English and Russian market and which should be replaced or optimized.

It depends on the frequency and density of the keywords – in translations too

The next step was a case of translating the actual website into English and Russian. Thanks to the advance groundwork, the previously determined English and Russian keywords could be taken into account in the translation, relative to their frequency and density in particular. Only then were the meta-titles and meta-descriptions compiled at the start translated and incorporated in the respective language.

However, as always, the best is saved for last: After just a few weeks, the global ranking of alexa.com’s German website has significantly improved! EVS Translation’s SEO and SEA support considerably optimized its visibility in search engines and the quality of the website for vacation apartments.

Further information on the subject can be found -> here.

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