1 Jan /15

Words Celebrating Their 100th Anniversary in 2015

This year at EVS Translations, our Word of the Day series will feature words celebrating their 100th anniversary. Documented in print for the first time in 1915, some of the words, including bomber and radio frequency, may not come as a complete surprise; we know radio is growing old and bomber was a sign of the times. But did you know that superstore and bullshit have been around as long as your granny? Cultural phenomena that you might imagine to be a sign of our times are in fact old news and consumerism makes the list. And what about back to nature? It may sound like an environmental policy for a new-age political party, but this, too, enjoys 100 years in 2015.

We’ll take a look at these centenarians and find out how they came into the English language. Some are derived from Latin such as narcissistic, others a result of technological invention: no parking. Rest assured, we will present you with some fascinating facts and linguistic laughs, so keep in touch with our Word of the Day blog in 2015.