21 Aug /19

Save the Date: World Aviation Festival 2019 on September 4 in London

Save the Date: World Aviation Festival 2019 in London – EVS Translations
Save the Date: World Aviation Festival 2019 in London – EVS Translations

On September 4, EVS Translations is taking off to new heights – by attending the 16th annual World Aviation Festival (WAF) 2019 in London. A two-day festival, the WAF will host attendees from all sectors of the aviation industry at the Business Design Centre. EVS Translations Business Development Manager Kristy Hartless will be joining the crowd.

At the festival, industry experts come together to discuss new developments in the aviation sector such as payment options, mobile marketing, advertisement, AI & machine learning, social technology, and much more; all under the umbrella of revolutionizing the way passengers soar through the sky. As international as the aviation industry is, EVS Translations is excited to join the discussions and learn about the latest trends. When looking for the right LSP for your company, it is important to choose a business that educates itself on all latest industry trends, as you can’t expect a reliable, state-of-the-art product if your provider isn’t appropriately knowledgeable about these trends. That is why our Business Developers are sure to always attend event relevant to our clients.

Our Business Development Manager Kristy is already excited about the event, I’m looking forward to meeting prospective and existing clients in the aviation and travel technology market and to chat with them about their language services needs. I am especially excited to tell them about the translation technology available to them from EVS Translations and I would welcome the chance to talk to and answer any questions from other attendees. EVS Translations has so many different services to offer, from machine translation to building a bespoke solution around a client’s existing translation managementCome and speak to me and I’ll help you find the optimal solution for your language needs!”

EVS Translations is a full-service language service provider with around 100 own in-house translators and always welcomes the opportunity to support businesses on their international adventures.

If you are interested in meeting Kristy at the WAF, feel free to call her at +44-115 96 44 288 for an appointment, or contact her through her LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristyhartless/