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Our thoughts are determined by our enthusiasm for language, our work by our trust and respect for our customers and employees.

Our Essence

EVS Translations is an international translation company, not a translation agency. It is driven by an in-house team of almost 150 employees – translators, proofreaders, DTP, IT and glossary specialists, project managers and an accounting team. Workflows are tailored to client requirements.

Our translation company is not only a provider of translations in more than 50 languages, it is also your top choice for projects in any industry. EVS Translations can support you with our expertise in IT texts and video subtitling services, as well.

Mile Stones in EVS Translations' History

  • Machine Translations is implemented
  • Declaration of Conformity with ISO 18587
  • Certification for ISO 17100 – Requirements for Translation Services
  • Certification for ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • Spain office opens in Madrid
  • EVS Translations starts offering a Dual Studies Program
  • Certification for ISO 15038 – Requirements for Translation Services
  • Certification for ISO 9001 – Quality Management
  • Graduate trainee program begins
  • Introduction of Plunet
  • EVS Translations USA opens in Atlanta
  • EVS Translations starts offering apprenticeships
  • Further Germany office opens in Munich
  • EVS Translations Bulgaria opens in Sofia
  • EVS Translations U.K. opens in Nottingham
  • Further Germany office opens in Berlin
  • The EVS Translations Group is founded by Edward Vick in Offenbach Main, Germany.
    • it was formerly known as Edward Vick Language Services

The Beginning of EVS Translations – The In-House Concept

From day one onward, EVS Translation has relied on its in-house concept – meaning we don’t outsource or crowd-fund our translations; all of our translators and proofreaders are full-time employees and get assigned their translations by our skilled project management team. Due to our translators being full-time, the project management team always knows where everyone’s strengths lie and how to assemble the best team for each job. Given that we have almost 100 translators and proofreaders throughout our 8 global offices, we offer full-service language solutions, including handling a company’s entire translation management.

Is your company in need of translations? No matter if quick or extensive, feel free to call us about our project now at  or use our contact form to send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you!

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