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Unbabel LangOps Platform - Self-Service Trial

Unbabel’s high-quality translations at no cost

Since 2013, Unbabel has been laser-focused on building an advanced Language Operations (LangOps) platform, translating billions of words per year for some of the most renowned brands in the world.

We are so confident in the quality of the translation services we deliver that we have released a free trial program with self-service access to our platform, inviting brands to experience it first-hand before committing to a purchase.

To access your free trial, please get in touch with our team via email here

To read more about the LangOps Platform and the self-service experience, check our blog article.

ISO 20771:2020 Certification

EVS Translations Is One of the Few LSPs to Be Awarded ISO 20771:2020 Certification

We are pleased to announce that EVS Translations is one of the few Europe-headquartered LSPs to be awarded ISO 20771:2020 certification.

ISO 20771 specifies requirements for legal translators, revisers, and reviewers, best translation practices, and the translation process directly affecting the quality and delivery of legal translation services.

A top 100 largest LSP worldwide with over 30 years of professional experience in providing translation services to global law firms and corporate legal departments, EVS Translations excels at fulfilling all requirements for delivering quality certified professional legal translation services that meet strict quality assurance and client specifications.

ISO 17100 and ISO 18587 Certifications

EVS Translations’ Services and MTPE are ISO 17100- and ISO 18587-Certified

We are pleased to announce that our workflow has recently been reexamined for compliance with both ISO 17100 and ISO 18587, and fulfillment of all requirements for the process of translation services and post-editing of machine translation has been confirmed.

ISO 17100 defines the requirements for all aspects of the translation process that directly affect the quality and delivery of translation services. The scope of certification covers quality-assured specialist translations, proofreading, localization, DTP, and terminology management and confirms that EVS Translations delivers language services that meet international quality standards.

ISO 18587 defines the requirements for full, human post-editing of translation-machine-translation output. Certified machine translation post-editing (MTPE) allows corporate clients to meet objectives for time and cost while providing an opportunity to enhance the final quality.

At eight global locations, EVS Translations’ in-house teams of translators and translation engineers edit the raw machine output according to the client’s quality requirements. Additionally, secure closed-system customized MT and AI-powered solutions can be integrated into clients’ workflows.


New CEO of EVS Translations

Ana Becker-Weinberg named as new CEO of EVS Translations

Exciting news from EVS Translations!
Ana Becker-Weinberg has been appointed as the new CEO, bringing with her a wealth of industry experience that is sure to lead the company to new heights.
Want to learn more about this announcement?
Explore the press release now.

If you have yet to read about the acquisition, it's worth noting that Unbabel recently acquired EVS Translations.
This acquisition is a significant move in the language services industry, and there's much to discover about how it will impact the industry and the companies involved.
Read the acquisition press release here.

ISO 9001 Certification

10 Years of Certified Quality Management with ISO 9001

We are pleased to announce that EVS Translations, a globally operating top 100 LSP, was again re-certified under ISO 9001 for establishing and applying a Quality Management System.

For the last ten years, we have successfully applied an ISO 9001-certified Quality Management System to analyze supplier/customer requirements and internal/external resources, process orders, improve existing procedures, define quality objectives, and secure them on a sustained basis. It also acts as an opportunity to set corporate goals, analyze the extent to which they have been achieved, and identify risks for the company.

With our GDPR-compliant, ISO-certified Quality Management System, EVS Translations ensures internal processes and procedures that enable strict quality assurance, meet international regulatory requirements, and enhance customer satisfaction.


TISAX Reconfirms EVS Translations’ Compliance with Information Security Standards

The Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange has once again confirmed that EVS Translations structures its workflow to fully comply with the data security standardization in the automotive industry.

As a TISAX-listed company, we apply the requirements of the quality standard for information security with equal precision to all projects and business partners. Additionally, our in-house IT and legal departments, quality management system, closed-system engines, and GDPR compliance support the work of information security officers to ensure sensitive information is handled using stringent data security criteria.

In this new section, we are presenting the most interesting orders of the past month.
Formatting 1,000 pages of PDF files in 4 days? Voice-over in 36 languages? Unknown software territory to explore?

Learn more about our most complex, unusual orders here and see what all we can do for clients like you.
Florian Schwieger – Head of Sales & Marketing

Order of the Month: July 2023

Brochure Translation: Excelling in Complex Translation Projects

At EVS Translations, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional services that exceed our clients’ expectations. In a recent project, we worked on a brochure translation for a hypermarket specializing in construction materials.

This undertaking presented several unique challenges showcasing our expertise and commitment to excellence.

Working in Adobe Illustrator, we encountered a new hurdle that required us to explore innovative solutions. To ensure accurate translations, we incorporated a unique, additional tool into our workflow, allowing us to maintain efficiency and precision throughout the process.


Order of the Month: March 2023

Q&A Events: A Successful Model for Company Updates and Employee Engagement

Over the last couple of years, several companies have had to modify their operations, including employee communication methods. One of our customers has effectively navigated this shift by hosting online Q&A events, which proved very successful. To ensure the inclusion of their global workforce, the customer looked for a solution to provide the content in real-time in their main corporate languages, German, French, Spanish, and Japanese.

After consulting with the client, we settled on live remote interpreting as the ideal solution for the client’s use case.


Order of the Month: February 2023

AV Project: Finding a Compromise Solution

Our latest edition of the Order of the Month today features a contribution from our AV department!
Many thanks to Oliver Steinert-Lieschied for agreeing to write this article.

Recently we received an “exciting” order from one of our loyal customers: A while ago, we prepared a special XML file for the client and translated it into 25 languages. At the time, however, not all elements needed to be translated, we only needed to translate the elements that the customer had marked as requiring translation in a PDF file.

Since then, the client had changed some of these passages and now wanted to have these changes translated – in other words, it was an “update order.” The major challenge for us was the fact that not everything had had to be translated in the previous order and that these elements were not supposed to be translated in the update order either. To make things more complex, the client had in the meantime had further changes translated outside of Studio in a separate Excel file.

To avoid the enormous effort of having to align 25 languages, we opted for a 'compromise' solution where the translators used the Excel file as a reference alongside the translation in Studio. To prevent the TMs from being contaminated with untranslated segments, the update order was “perfect matched” with the previous job, but these locked segments were all set to “Not Translated” afterwards – regardless of whether they were translated or not. Luckily, this was not a problem in this case, because these locked segments were all already available in the TM. In the end, these tricks made it possible to deal with this more complex order relatively smoothly.

Have a complex AV project and unsure where to start?


Order of the Month: May 2023

Catalog Translation: Streamlining Multilingual Catalog Translation for the Hospitality Industry

Effective communication is crucial for businesses to expand their reach and cater to diverse markets in today's globalized world. For manufacturers and suppliers of tabletop and buffet solutions within the hospitality industry, translating product catalogs into multiple languages is a crucial step toward connecting with international customers.

This showcase explores the challenges and solutions faced by a customer who entrusted us with translating their extensive 80+ page catalog into two languages, specifically ES(MX) and FR(CA).
By focusing on accuracy, language expansion, and spatial constraints, we successfully tackled this demanding project using InDesign.


Order of the Month: April 2023

Voiceovers: Translations and Voiceovers for a Large Health Insurance Provider

At the end of 2022, we received a project request from a new client for translations and voiceovers for a large number of fitness and relaxation video and audio files which were to be used in their proprietary app.

There was a total of 86 video and 43 audio files in German, adding up to over 24 hours of audio. The end client is one of Germany’s largest health insurance providers.

The entire project, from order confirmation until the delivery of the last batch of files, took three months to complete.


Order of the Month: January 2023

Video Project: Making a Positive Impact by Changing Client’s Expectations

Just recently, one of our most loyal customers hired us to complete a video project – and a complex one, at that. They sent us 139 minutes of video material from a staff meeting, full of highly specific financial terminology. The job was to transcribe everything in 6 workdays, as well as translating everything into English (20,000 words) and providing German and English subtitles.

The whole matter was complicated by the fact that the customer had nothing but a negative experience with service providers in this field and was extremely skeptical that the completed project would meet its specifications and expectations. Through a trial transcription and many planning meetings, the account manager in charge gained the trust of the client, who was not disappointed.

A cross-departmental team of 12 people completed the project to the full satisfaction of the client. The content was transcribed by 4 experts, while a proofreader monitored consistency and compliance with the customer style guide. Then, 3 translators and a proofreader were involved with the actual translation and were supported throughout by our translation technology team. In order to meet the tight deadline without sacrificing quality, the transcribers, translators, and the technology team worked in parallel. While some content was still being transcribed, other content was already being translated.

Bad experience with past vendors? Hesitant to launch a long-overdue video translation?


Order of the Month: December 2022

Video Project: An Unusual Subtitling Job

To kick things off, we are sharing insights on an unusual subtitling order.
This project came from one of our Austrian customers, a global manufacturing company.

The client sent us 6 videos, including Adobe Premiere project files. This time there was no single spoken word, i.e., no subtitles. Instead, it was only on-screen text that needed to be localized. The videos were quite short, with little text. However, the customer wanted a translation of all 6 videos in 21 languages.

For EVS Translations, this meant that our translation technology team had to integrate the translations for all the languages into the 6 videos. In the end, we created 126 single videos. On top of this, the customer then wanted one complete video per language and two InDesign files that needed to include the translations from a video. In the end, we completed the project in just under 5 days without a glitch thanks to the smooth cooperation between the language and technology teams.

Have a complex subtitling project and unsure where to start?