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A marketer's guide to creating video for a global audience

Everyone is going digital. Beyond TV commercials and promo videos, companies in all industries use video to connect with their clients nowadays. With international audiences, it’s important to share professionally localized versions of your videos to make sure you continue to reach the right people, no matter who that might be. But how does a video get localized? What steps go into the process? Should you use subtitles or voice-overs? Or both? “A marketer's guide to creating video for a global audience” not only teaches you how to take your video content global, but also how to optimize your content for SEO and all your distribution channels. Detailed descriptions of all procedures will ensure a clear understanding of the entire process and answer any questions about localizing your video content.

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Language technology for law firms

”The legal sector is always in need for translation; be it for contracts, NDAs, court documents and more. In an industry where words are the most important aspect in any exchange, precision is crucial. Human translators with expert skills are a necessity like no other, but with the rising popularity and quality of machine translation, it’s becoming an invaluable resource for all industries, including legal. Previously unthinkable for these projects, MT has now become a highly effective tool for quickly translating large texts and identifying the most relevant information, therefore saving time and effort, which are always scarce in legal situations.

Translations in the legal sector

”Language technology for law firms” will show you exactly what tools you should rely on for your specific translation needs and whether AI can help facilitate the process for all parties. Additionally, you will learn how seriously EVS Translations takes data security and the processes required to protect your information

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Accurate Pharma Translations

Pharmaceutical Groups are particularly dependent on accurate translations and localizations, as the consequences of inaccurate translations are particularly precarious when it comes to the health of patients. Therefore, it does not matter if the documents revolve around national approval procedures, marketing, sales and packaging materials, or their own websites. Pharmaceutical Groups need a partner who has the highest quality standards in the industry.

Translations for the pharmaceutical industry

In “What Does Quality Mean in Translations?” you will learn what pharmaceutical Groups should look out for when choosing their translation service provider. We will also reveal what the characteristics of high-quality service are in a translation company.

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