EVS Translations service is dedicated exclusively to companies. We unfortunately do not provide services for private individuals.

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Our four branches in Germany guarantee the best flexibility thanks to in-house translators and optimized processes
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Berlin Translation Agency

The EVS Translations office located in Germany’s capital city provides, among other subjects, professional technical, legal and financial translations in Berlin. Our office can be found at the heart of the city’s Moabit-Tiergarten district at Wittstocker Strasse 21. A total of 15 translators and proofreaders and a business development manager are based there. We will give you access to one of the largest teams of in-house translators with about 200 internal employees worldwide.

A global player in a local setting.

Berlin translation office

Translations for corporate clients. No private customer orders.

EVS Translations Berlin
Wittstocker Str. 21
10553 Berlin
Ph.: +49 30/53 21 35-60
Fax: +49 30/53 21 35-62

Your contact for translations in Berlin

Michael Schacht, Business Development Manager, EVS Translations Berlin

Your contact at the EVS Translations office in Berlin:

Michael Schacht, Ph: +49 30/53 21 35-60

E-Mail: salesde(at)

Corporate clients only. Please use our careers page for applications.




Our translation services in Berlin

  • Annual reports
  • Legal translations
  • Other specialist translations (medicine, economics, marketing, etc.)
  • Proofreading
  • Website translations
  • Website/software localization

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