Oil, Gas, and Energy Translations

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Oil, Gas, and Energy Translations

Professional translations for the oil, gas, energy, and sustainability industry for your business by expert in-house translators with industry specific terminology

Professional Translations for the Energy Industry

Oil platform on sea - oil and gas translations

As the global energy demand rises in every sector, sustainable and reliable concepts for power supply become essential. With the energy industry being a highly competitive and internationalized market, the need for multilingual communication and documents is increasing if your business is planning on following this international expansion. EVS Translations has partnered with global energy companies for over 25 years, translating projects about conventional and sustainable energy sources for their clients that don’t only consist of contract and financial report translations, but also technical files. The in-house translators at EVS Translations are specialized in their fields and have the expertise and the terminology for any translation you might need.

ISO-Certified Oil and Gas Translations

Fossil fuels have been the dominant energy sources in the U.S. for decades. Especially the exploration, production and refinement of oil and gas created a vast industry around them. As this industry is becoming increasingly globalized, it’s important to be on the same page as your colleagues, partners, and clients from all over the world. Highly specialized teams of almost 200 in-house translators, proofreaders, project managers, designers and software experts strategically based in offices around the globe enable you to receive accurate and fast language services around the clock with professional terminology or specific word banks designed by you. EVS Translations is especially experienced in translating these topics:

Sustainability Translations for the Renewable Energy Industry

As much as we still rely on oil and other fossil fuels as our main energy sources, they are finite in the end. To continue powering our world sustainably, economic incentives have been passed by legislators to encourage the use of renewable energy sources for our society. With the above listed translation services, EVS Translations strives to support these developments, as well as all the business that follow them. Whether it is detailed financial translations for funding requests or technical documents regarding bio- or geothermal energy – with expert translators, translation engineers, and software products, EVS Translations is fully equipped for any and all translation projects and language services you might need.

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