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Oil and Gas Translation

Your Partner For Oil And Gas Translation

EVS Translations is your partner for language services for the oil and gas industry. Its clients include leading E&P companies, consultancies, and manufacturing firms working within the oil and gas sector. Our in-house team of high level translators and proofreaders has more than 25 years of experience in high-quality language services to corporations with a global footprint.  Streamlines workflows and dedicated account managers guarantee consistency and solutions for projects of every size.

If you are looking for a reliable translation partner that values quality service, then contact EVS Translations USA.

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Energy company translation

Two men from oil industry in front of oil rack

We are currently working on a big assignment for a global energy company. Over the past three months we have translated about 480,000 words mainly from French into English, but also involving other languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. The project consists of a wide range of documents including: texts related to regulations governing oil shipping, well drilling and environmental stipulations; internal health and safety guidelines; equipment manuals; and marketing materials. More specialized texts cover well examinations, well design procedures, perforation charges, and surface control connections. 

Translation of the contractual framework

Open Pipeline in summer, oil and gas translation

In the second phase of a project that first involved the translation of the contractual framework for extraction operations, we are now translating geographical surveys, geohazard assessments, well designs, project plans, well prognoses, and drilling summaries from English into French and vice versa for an operation in New Guinea.

Upstream and Downstream Projects

Our technical translators are trained in industry-specific concepts and terminology unique to the oil and gas sector, ensuring consistently accurate translations and localizations of your documents. Experienced proofreaders ensure that the translations meet the international quality standards DIN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN ISO 17100:2015. This approach is ideal for clients in exploration and productions where consistency and expertise are paramount.

If you would like to discuss your upcoming projects inquire about prices, delivery times, and our additional energy translation services, please call: +1-404-523-5560.

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