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Compliance Translation

EVS Translations is a preferred language service provider for compliance translations in the United States and Europe, helping corporations for more than 15 years.
Translation of SOX into German, EVS Translations publications

Compliance means the efforts made by companies to obey government regulations. Originally a legal term, compliance signifies conformity with applicable laws. Due to its increasing use in various sectors, there is no perfect translation for “compliance” that fully expresses the complex nature of the subject in a specific language. For that reason, the term “compliance” is becoming more and more established around the globe.

In the world of compliance correct wording is essential. As a preferred language service provider for compliance translations in the United States as well as in Europe, EVS Translations has been providing compliance translations to corporations for more than 15 years.

Compliance translators

Our certified compliance translation services are ideal for companies operating in all industry sectors. In order to suit your needs, we establish your compliance translation team according to the translators’ specific knowledge of your industry sector and according to the demands of your specific project. Professional proofreaders and an in-house team of DTP experts ensure accuracy and terminology consistency paired with flawless file formatting. This practice allows us to deliver expert compliance translations with quick turnaround times.

Documents that adhere to international standards

Compliance refers to the organizational measures taken by a company as a means of systematically ensuring that it adheres as closely as possible to established rules. EVS Translations has the expertise to translate your compliance-related material reliably. If you are in need of documents such as directives, guidelines, reports, or presentations about compliance in any language, you can turn to us. In accordance with the GDPR, we routinely translate:

We look forward to speaking with you personally about your compliance language requirements. Just send us a quick online inquiry or call us at +1 404-523-5560.

Compliance for an automotive company

"We are currently working on a project for a global automotive manufacturer involving the translation and worldwide localization of the client’s compliance code and all related publications. To date we've translated over 2,000,000 words from German and English into a dozen different languages."

EVS Translations USA, Business Development Manager

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