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Health and Safety Translations

Keeping your employees safe and healthy across multilingual platforms to ensure occupational safety.

Health and Safety Translations for All Global Offices

If you are an international business with employees all around the globe, you want to make sure that all of them stay safe at work, no matter their location. Language barriers should not stand in the way of your workers’ safety, which is why EVS Translations can help you translate any and all safety materials you might have, including corporate training videos, instruction manuals, or safety flyers. Quick, to the point instructions are vital in regards to occupational safety and EVS Translations’ in-house translators are specialized in processing material in all formats and languages in this industry.

Data sheets, safety policies, plant safety instructions

The extensive range of required texts and translation services EVS Translations offers includes:

  • Safety data sheets
  • Policies
  • Instructions
  • Labelling of hazardous substances
  • Incident reporting
  • Fire safety instructions
  • Reports to external parties
  • Training documents
  • Accident prevention laws
  • Safety laws

Localization, Translation, Integration – For All Your OHS Material

Training material is mostly created digitally these days – and that means localization is needed. Whether you need subtitles for your videos, translated buttons or digital menus, or even voice-overs in different languages; EVS Translations can provide all that. Apps with checklists or quizzes are available for “on the go” and our over 95 in-house translators can translate any product from start to finish. Safety procedures and instructions often have their own, complicated vocabulary, but our translators are trained in their specific industries and will ensure consistency throughout the whole project.

Afterwards, our Translation Engineers incorporate all translations into the formats you desire – subtitles can be added with closed or open captions, documents can be prepared print-ready, and image captions or descriptions will fit their respective spaces.

Does your business need health and safety instructions in different languages? Give us a call or use our contact form.

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