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Life Sciences translations

Translations for the medical, pharmaceutical and life sciences area.

For production security in medical and pharmaceutical areas as well as medical devices there are particular regulations in order to exclude damage to the health of persons using the equipment and patients. Not only documentation for manufacturing of specific medical devices, but also drug admission procedures and product launches require specific terminology and legal standards and often certification. EVS Translation has been working successfully alongside global healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers for 25 years providing one-source globalization and translation management solutions. Production centers with in-house experts in all major markets guarantee unmatched scalability and QA capacities. Almost 200 full-time employees and a network of vetted in-market reviewers allow us to offer the entire localization life cycle, from human translations to automated translation solutions backed by a fully customizable workflow platform in more than 150 languages.

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Life Sciences Translation Specialties

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