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Life Sciences

Whether medical or pharmaceutical translations, all in-house translators at EVS Translations are equipped with the professional vocabulary that is essential for such jobs.

Professional Life Science Translations at EVS Translations

For production security in medical and pharmaceutical areas, as well as medical devices, there are particular regulations to exclude damage to one’s health when using the equipment. Not only documentation for manufacturing of specific medical devices, but also drug admission procedures and product launches require specific terminology and legal standards – and often certification. EVS Translations has been working successfully alongside global healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers for 25 years providing one-source globalization and translation management solutions.

Cross-Disciplinary Translations: Fit-For-Purpose: Scalable & Certified

EVS Translations is specifically equipped to meet the complex translation demand of global healthcare companies, providing expertise across all core business verticals. Pharmaceutical translations, for example, can be especially complex and require expertise across disciplines. Particularly global producers active in many different markets benefit from the experience EVS Translations can offer as a one-source solution for all life science translations. Specialized teams of in-house translators work together with DTP specialists to present you with customized solutions for your pharma translations.

For example, a current client that buys old hospitals and medical centers in order to modernize them, requested translations of the state of construction, portfolios about the centers themselves, information on rent index, human resources files, analyses about which services the healthcare institution has offered so far, as well as contracts and financial statements on a regular basis. This is where EVS Translations can help and has helped. Full-scale language services for healthcare operators and investors were provided, therefore creating a combination of life science and M&A translations.

Medical Technology Translations and Medical Translations

Do you have corporate-specific terminology that our medical translators should use? Do your documents need to be replicated 1:1 or would you like to present the content in a fresh design taking cultural differences into consideration? EVS Translations delivers intelligent medical translations on time as part of a seamless customer experience through an effective mix of linguistic, technological and project management expertise. This means manufacturers can communicate with overseas markets, distributors, supply chains and regulatory bodies in a way that is consistent, professional, and localized. Using their knowledge of EMEA, EUDRA, FDA, MHLW, MHRA, and TPD guidelines, our medical translators have a sound understanding of key medical terminology and abbreviations. Combined with access to evolving dictionaries, our medical translators provide you with a successful platform to obtain drug approvals worldwide.

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