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Medical translation services

EVS Translations employs professional in-house translators who are experienced in life sciences translation

Professional Medical Translations at EVS Translations

Global healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers partner with EVS Translations for one-source translation and localisation solutions. This is because our team is large enough to seamlessly manage high-volume and complex translation demand. With in-house experts across all project critical areas, including a translation technology team, workflows and processes are efficient, cost-effective and flexible according to the specific requirements of our clients.

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  • Life Science TranslationsFile Size: 77 KBProfessional translations for the life science industry are recognizable by exact terminology demands, particular legal standards, and certification requirements. The challenge: Translators with established terminology expertise are rare.

30+ Years of Experience in Pharmaceutical Translations

EVS Translations holds major contracts with leading pharmaceutical companies. Our teams translate clinical trial and clinical documentation into 30+ languages. Recent translation projects include:

  • Clinical documentation and batch records (all EU languages, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese)
  • 600,000-word research report and accompanying samples from Japanese into English
  • Entire development research cycle and approval documentation for a German drug manufacturer

Translations for Medical Device Manufacturers

Medical device companies must deliver accurate information to distributors and all end users of their medical devices. Health professionals and technicians benefit from accessing clear and concise documents or videos in their own language. Our project management teams are highly experienced in coordinating large multilingual orders for documentation going out into multiple overseas markets.

For more information about workflows and timeframes for medical translations, contact our team today.

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