Manufacturing Translation

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Manufacturing Translation

EVS Translations has 25 years of experience providing technical and business translations to global manufacturers.

Translation solutions for manufacturing

If your company exports, has overseas production facilities or a globalized supply chain, it can’t escape the question of language. At every stage of the manufacturing value chain, the language issue persists: from R&D and product development right through to after-sales service. EVS Translations provides comprehensive language solutions to leading manufacturing companies so that they can take advantage of a wide range of opportunities beyond the domestic market.

Technical translations in the format you need

Print documentation, audio-visual content, websites. Want to bid for business in Germany? EVS Translations will translate your tender & offers to secure the project. Whether you require HSE, finance or HR translations, subtitles for staff training videos, or international website management, you can leverage the experience of a leading provider of language services to the manufacturing industry. EVS Translations provides:

Expert technical translators who understand your industry

EVS Translations has 25 years of experience providing technical and business translations to global manufacturers. Our global teams of in-house translators are experts in producing high-quality translations for the pharmaceutical, automotive and engineering industries. They are further supported by in-house teams for I.T. & design and project management to offer quality, added-value, scalability, and quicker response times—all the solutions you need from one supplier.

How could our multilingual solutions help your business?

Multilingual transcription, translation, subtitles and time coding: Translation in action

When a leading multinational manufacturer came to EVS Translations with an urgent project after being let down by its regular provider, our global in-house teams stepped up to the challenge producing transcription, translation, and subtitles for 21 videos into 7 languages on a very tight turnaround. After the successful completion of the project, EVS Translations was delighted to be awarded a preferred supplier status with the company.

"The project is a great example of how clients can take advantage of EVS Translations’ global in-house translation, design, and project management teams for quicker response times and scalability, while maintaining the quality that has become expected from EVS Translations." 

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