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Website Translation

Website translations from the expert, SEO service and Social Media translation

Website translation, multilingual SEO and social media

Do you need translations for many languages on an existing multi-lingual-compatible CMS platform or are looking to translate your website for the first time?

At EVS Translations you find the answers.

Webseitenübersetzung - EVS Translations

When going international or multinational, you want to make sure that the work you have done in your national market is transferred effectively to the international stage! In order to ensure that your message is heard loud and clearly around the world you need a partner that can coordinate at the global stage what you are already doing at home. While taking your website to the next level, the EVS Translations team of website specialists and analysts will enable you to gain insights into what other players, even competitors, are doing to increase their visibility. As a result, your new website will be visible and relevant from day one.

Added benefit for your website:

SEO Konzept auf Serviette
SEO Konzept auf Serviette - Webseitenübersetzung einfach gemacht
  • Social media, blog, and chatbot translation in 25 languages
  • SEO projects for European, American and South American markets
  • Website optimization for on-page and off-page content
  • Finding an appropriate multi-language compatible Content Management system

3 Ways you can utilize EVS Translations to reach your goals

International launch with 7 new languages and SEO:

An international metal distributor had clear ideas about what they needed – snippet writing, key word analysis with integration of the results in the translation of the German website, not only in the copy text, but also for titles and meta-descriptions.

EVS Translations provided the solution

New market test on one specific European market:

A HR provider wanted the profitable English language website translated for the German market – this included all on-site and off-site measures, blog and social media support as well as proposing, tracking and updating a key word campaign with 250 specific terms

EVS Translations provided the solution

A German hotel goes international

A hotel wanted a translation of its website. Consultancy time was limited to 10 hours plus translation and the markets were UK, Italy and France. Time enough for key word analysis and integration of the main traffic drivers on key landing pages.

EVS Translations provided the solution

We look forward to speaking with you personally about your language requirement. Just send us a quick online inquiry or call us at +1 404-523-5560.



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