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Thinking Strategically about Website Translation

Your business' website is a major investment and a critical component of the marketing mix. If your company is actively pursuing business opportunities in new overseas markets, a well-executed foreign language version can support lead generation and future growth. For this a site needs professionally translated content which will engage the target audience and reflect the quality of the company’s brand and products. It will also benefit from a more strategic approach to website translation which factors in Search Engine Opimisation.

EVS Translations partners with businesses to deliver high-quality website translations and provide additional solutions which meet the needs of specific business goals. Our linguistic, technical and marketing teams combine expertise to ensure your business can grow its international presence.

When taking a website global, you want to make sure that the work your team has done with the original site transfers effectively to an international audience. Your new website must be visible and relevant from day one. At EVS Translations, our experts can guide you through the process of website translation and design workflows and solutions that fit the needs of your business. They will help your team to avoid lengthy and manual processes during the preparation phrases, which can introduce errors and delay launch dates.

More Information on Language Solutions for Website Localization and International SEO

  • Website Localization and International SEOFile Size: 413 KBDelivering an authentic digital experience across your international markets requires a sophisticated approach to the localization process, which moves beyond classic translation.

Added Benefits for your Website:

  • Social media, blog, and chatbot translation in 25+ languages
  • SEO support for European, American and South American markets
  • Website optimization for on-page and off-page content
  • Sourcing an appropriate Content Management System suited to translation workflows
  • E-commerce translations and on-going product content updates

Our Website Experts Help Businesses to Deliver a Great Online Experience

International launch with 7 new languages and SEO support

An international industrial materials distributor had clear ideas about what it needed – snippet writing and keyword analysis with integration of the results in all translations for the website.

Supporting entry into a new market

An HR services provider wanted its profitable English language website translating for the German market. This included on-site and off-site strategies, blog and social media support as well as proposing, tracking and updating a keyword campaign with 250 terms.

A German hotel goes international

A hotel required a translation of its website to grow its business across the UK, Italy and France. The project included consulting, keyword analysis and integration of the main traffic drivers on key landing pages.

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How a comprehensive approach to website translation can help a business grow


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Website Translation including Multilingual SEO and SEA Support for the Real Estate Industry


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