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Thinking Strategically about Website Translation

Your business' website is a major investment and a critical component of the marketing mix. If your company is actively pursuing business opportunities in new overseas markets, a well-executed foreign language version can support lead generation and future growth. For this a site needs professionally translated content which will engage the target audience and reflect the quality of the company’s brand and products. It will also benefit from a more strategic approach to website translation which factors in Search Engine Opimization.

Website Translation Services that Suit the Needs of your Business

There is no one-size-fits all solution when it comes to website localization. Clients need a solution that suits their needs. Our teams work with various export formats generated by website translation plugins, such as l10mgr for TYPO3 or WPML for WordPress. As an example: A client produced a translation via Crowdin. Our translation engineers were able to export the translated content in XLIFF format.

Common formats we work on:

  • PO (portable object files) for a major European Charity
  • XLIFF, XML for a leading international publisher
  • JSON (less frequently)

Some clients generate an export in Excel, which is also fine with us.  Let our translation technology team know what you need. They are happy to help.

If you are ready for full-scale website translation, we can assemble a team of translators to work on your content in line with your lead times. They can work with exported files or directly in your Content Management System. On a tight budget? Tell us which are the priority landing pages and we can start from there.

More Information on Website Translation Services and International SEO

  • Website Localization and International SEOFile Size: 413 KBDelivering an authentic digital experience across your international markets requires a sophisticated approach to the localization process, which moves beyond classic translation.

Website Translation Services for SEO

EVS Translations translates your content, including all keywords. But do better alternatives exist in the local target market which could improve organic search results? We can analyze your keywords in the target language and present recommendations. These new keywords can be implemented in the translation to optimize the target language content.

    Website Translation Services for Content Updates

    To achieve a better search engine ranking, foreign language content needs to be kept up-to-date. Our project managers handle content updates quickly, while ensuring consistency with previously translated content. For e-commerce, we can regularly update the product listings so your consumers get the latest information.

    Our website translation services cover:

    • Translation, transcreation and copywriting for web copy
    • International SEO support, including keyword analysis
    • On-going content updates
    • Technical support, e.g. when exporting content from a CMS

    A German hotel website goes international

    We've just finished a multilingual website translation for a German Hotel which needs its site in English, French and Italian. The consultation period was limited to 10 hours, plus translation. This was enough time for keyword analysis and the placement of key traffic drivers on specified landings pages. The site is now up and running and it's looking great.

    - Account manager, EVS Translations

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