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Unbabel releases TowerLLM, the first Generative AI model to outperform GPT-4o, GPT-3.5 and lead the market in machine translation

Designed, trained, and optimized on high quality multilingual data, TowerLLM provides best-in-class performance in translation and on a wide variety of translation tasks

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — June 6th, 2024 — Unbabel, the AI-powered Language Operations (LangOps) platform that helps businesses deliver multilingual customer experience at scale, today announced the launch of TowerLLM, the first Large Language Model (LLM) designed, trained, and optimized for translation, resulting in the best performing translation LLM commercially available. Unbabel customers using TowerLLM will significantly improve machine translation accuracy, reducing errors and cost, and will benefit from a more cost-effective price than popular LLMs.

TowerLLM provides superior translation quality to leading LLMs like GPT-4o and GPT-3.5, while consistently outperforming Google and DeepL, because it was made from scratch to be multilingual. Built on a large public data set, then trained only on best-quality translation data filtered out and curated by Unbabel’s quality LLM, COMETKiwi, TowerLLM demonstrates that LLMs are the next step in the evolution of AI translation.

“Despite the doubts from some in the industry, TowerLLM clearly demonstrates that LLMs are the best solution for machine translation,” said João Graça, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Unbabel. “We’ve invested years into developing LLMs, so we’re not surprised to see TowerLLM outperform GPT-4o. This is the second multilingual LLM we’ve released after COMETKiwi, and we’re just getting started.”

Over the course of the release, TowerLLM will offer:

  • Machine translation across 18 language pairs
  • Named entity recognition to localize names, metrics, codes (i.e. currency, weights, locations, brands, etc.)
  • Source correction to eliminate textual errors in grammar and spelling pre-translation 
  • Machine Post-Editing to automatically improve machine translation based on AI Quality Estimation that spotlights specific errors 

Unbabel experiments show TowerLLM outperforms GPT-4o, GPT-3.5, Google, and DeepL in translation across language pairs, and on complex domains like medical, finance, technical, and legal, while beating out other LLMs on reasoning and contextual understanding, for further details and to test out TowerLLM, please visit our dedicated landing page.

Unbabel is leading the way in translation LLMs, and in the coming months will release further language pairs and capabilities that perform tasks to streamline the translation workflow and improve quality. While TowerLLM is only available to customers, Unbabel has also made an open source version available earlier in 2024. 

To learn more about TowerLLM, and to sign-up for our webinar, please visit us here.

About Unbabel

Unbabel eliminates language barriers so that businesses can thrive across cultures and geographies. The company’s Language Operations platform blends advanced artificial intelligence with humans in the loop, for fast, efficient, high-quality translations that get smarter over time. Unbabel helps enterprises grow into new global markets and builds customer trust by creating more consistent, high-quality multilingual customer experiences across marketing and customer service. Based in San Francisco, CA, Unbabel works with leading brands such as Booking.com, Nestle, Panasonic, Patagonia, and UPS, to communicate effortlessly with customers around the world, no matter what language they speak.

Press contact

Phill Brougham
Director of Marketing, Unbabel



PR announcement – new general manager of EVS Translations

Ana Becker-Weinberg named new general manager of EVS Translations

Offenbach, Germany - EVS Translations, a leading language service provider, announced today that, effective immediately, Ana Becker-Weinberg has been appointed as its new general manager. She replaces Edward Vick, founder and managing director for over 30 years.

Becker-Weinberg brings a wealth of experience to her new role, having worked in a wide array of industries across the globe. Most recently, she was VP of Strategy & Operations at Unbabel, leading cross-functional business operations by overseeing key management functions, including strategy, business excellence, inorganic growth and the integration of acquired businesses.                 

‘I am excited to be joining EVS Translations as general manager’, said Becker-Weinberg.
‘This is an excellent opportunity to lead a company with a strong reputation for quality in the language services industry. I look forward to working closely with the team to continue to drive growth and provide outstanding service to our clients.’

‘Ana’s extensive experience and proven track record make her the ideal person to lead EVS Translations into the future’, said former managing director and EVS founder Edward Vick.
‘I have every confidence that she will continue to build on our success and take the company to new heights.’

This news comes on the heels of EVS Translations being acquired by Unbabel, the AI-powered Language Operations platform that helps businesses deliver a multilingual customer experience at scale. Together, Unbabel and EVS Translations will be able to provide more workflows tailored to individual company requirements, significantly reducing costs and time to translate. The acquisition of EVS Translations will also significantly expand Unbabel’s offerings at a time of high global demand for translation services by multinational corporations.

About EVS Translations, an Unbabel company:

EVS Translations is a leading language service provider with offices in Europe and the United States. The company offers translation, interpreting and localisation services in over 50 languages to clients in a variety of industries, including finance, legal and technology.

In January 2023, EVS Translations was acquired by Unbabel, joining a worldwide team of 500 employees spread across the globe. Unbabel’s award-winning Language Operations platform blends advanced artificial intelligence with human editors for fast, cost-effective, high-quality translations that get smarter over time.

For more information, please visit the EVS Translations website at www.evs-translations.com

EVS Translations
Dr. Florian Schwieger
Head of Sales & Marketing
+49 069-82979947


June 2021

'The pressure to commit to and carefully execute digital transformation weighs heavily on the shoulders of many businesses. But 2020 was certainly the year of reckoning.'

CEO of EVS Translations, Edward Vick, writes for the German American Trade magazine about the pressure of operating an international business between Europe and the USA, and his experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. He also explains why Atlanta is a great place to do business, as well as why he's optimistic for the future in a post-pandemic world.


March 2021

‘We’re confident about the post COVID-19 future, and this result shines a light on the resilience of our team at EVS Translations.’

Read the full article from thebusinessdesk.com here.


US company Unbabel acquires German translation specialist EVS Translations

Merger for accessing new markets, achieving even better customer service and quicker delivery times for translations

Offenbach/San Francisco, 17 January 2023

EVS Translations GmbH, Offenbach, announces the acquisition by the American language platform Unbabel, headquartered in San Francisco, whose solutions are based primarily on Artificial Intelligence (AI). With its acquisition of the German provider for quality translations, Unbabel can provide even more customised solutions and workflows, at the same time considerably reducing translation times and costs. Unbabel will also be able to provide specialised content services for additional industries including finance, legal, and automotive.

With the service range it provides, EVS Translations significantly expand Unbabel’s offerings at a time of rising global demand from multinational corporations for professional translation services. In 2021, total revenue across the global translation industry rose to $56.18 billion, experiencing more than $5 billion in growth over the previous two years. As a core market Europe comprised 49% of this volume.

“The exciting partnership with Unbabel elevates EVS Translations to the next level of translation service providers,” says EVS Translations CEO Edward Vick. “Joining Unbabel enables EVS Translations to provide our clients with the best possible mix of cutting-edge tech solutions and the premium quality human translations in a certified and secure environment. Unbabel’s AI expertise combined with our successful in-house human translation model will, undoubtedly, produce a new standard for single-source localisation providers.

„We are committed to delivering the most comprehensive multilingual customer experiences, and our acquisition of a key player in the German market enhances our existing capabilities and expands our global footprint,” says Unbabel-founder and CEO Vasco Pedro. “We’re proud to bring EVS Translations into the Unbabel family. As a result, we gain expertise in additional industries and open up new opportunities for growth,” Pedro continued.

Founded in 1991 and with nearly 150 employees across offices in Germany, England, Bulgaria, and USA - nearly half of whom are in-house translators - EVS Translations combines linguistic skills with technology-driven solutions to help clients deliver a diverse range of multilingual content. A recognized industry-leader for highly specialized financial content, the company’s services span document translation, legal translation, terminology management, multi-format file processing, media localisation, copywriting, engine customisation, subtitling, voice-over, and interpreting.

About EVS Translations

EVS Translations is an international translation company and Top 100 language service provider. A global in-house team of expert project managers, translators, proof-readers and translation technology engineers deliver high-quality language solutions for global corporations within a secure, certified and fully scalable network of interconnected offices. For more information, access https://evs-translations.com/

About Unbabel

Unbabel is an American provider for multilingual translations. The company’s Language Operations platform blends advanced artificial intelligence with training and support from human specialists for fast, efficient, high-quality translations, which are optimised using AI and so become smarter and better over time.

Based in San Francisco, CA, Unbabel works with leading brands such as Booking.com, Nestle, Panasonic, Patagonia, and UPS, to communicate effortlessly with customers around the world, no matter what language they speak.

For more information on Unbabel and its solutions in customer service, marketing, and localisation, visit www.unbabel.com.

Dr. Florian Schwieger
Head of Sales & Marketing
Telephone: +49 69 829799-47



August 2020

‘Can artificial intelligence solve language barriers for global businesses? How teaching machines to learn languages is helping businesses to scale new markets.’

EVS Translations writes for German American Trade magazine about machine translation and how businesses are using it to scale demand for multilingual content from global stakeholders.


March 2020

The size and state of the language services industry in 2020, including the ranking of the top 100 largest language service providers.

Nimdzi Insights, a US-based market research and international consulting company, ranks EVS Translations in its Top 100 Language Service Providers in the World report.


April 2019

‘According to Edward Vick, founder of EVS Translations, only around 5,000 British pupils studied German at A-level last year, with just 3,000 actually sitting the exam. He is critical of the Government for its failure to encourage the teaching of languages.’

Read the full article from East Midlands Business Link here.