Oil and gas translation

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Oil and gas translation

Specialised information translated with accuracy for global energy businesses

Oil and gas translation requires specialist expertise

For 25 years, EVS Translations has provided translations to global energy businesses for legal texts and other specialised areas including extraction operations. Our subject specialist translators ensure your business receives accurate content in the target language and our technical teams format the content for print media or digital channels. You can be confident sharing information with your global stakeholders in whichever languages they speak.

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EVS Translations is experienced in the following oil and gas translation:


Data security

Projects for energy providers frequently involve sensitive information. Our sophisticated data security measures are enhanced by our long-term partnership with an external and fully-certified ISO 27001 computer centre in Germany. The EVS Translations‘ in-house I.T. team can implement additional security measures appropriate to the level of sensitivity for oil and gas translation.

Upstream and downstream projects

EVS Translations helps your business deliver specialist information to all its global stakeholders. Call EVS Translations UK today on: +44 (0)115 934 5010 or use our contact form.



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