Annual report translation services

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Annual report translation services

present your company’s results with confidence

Communicate results accurately to your shareholders

EVS Translations provides translations of annual accounts for over 200 listed companies, reporting agencies, banks, accountancy companies and audit firms. The reports can be full annual reports covering several hundred pages or summaries in GAAP to meet local requirements. We have the experience to deliver your annual report in the languages that you need, so that your international shareholders are accurately informed and have confidence in the information presented.

Financial statements translations

Your annual report is a summary of your company’s success. Every word counts and EVS Translations gets them right. The compulsory accounts translation is carried out by our in-house translator team using the proprietary IFRS translation, GAAP translation and also HGB translation databases. At the same time, the marketing section is generally completed by one of our marketing specialists to ensure your message is conveyed appropriately while the vocabulary is correct and consistent throughout.

Our service portfolio includes:

Team for your accounts translation

For your financial report translation, EVS Translations provides you with a single point of contact: your account manager. They will deliver a quote and, once approved, will notify the project manager who coordinates the linguistic and technical teams which include document formatting experts and terminology managers. For you, that means a high-quality translation delivered on time, every time.


The end of one financial statement translation is the start of a new one

Long before we receive the initial parts of an annual report, EVS Translations prepares its accounting translation databases to ensure consistent terminology in line with accounting guidelines.  Customer-specific terminology databases, style guides, and reference texts are also prepared. This all results in the timely delivery of consistent and accurate translations, even on a tight schedule.

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