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Translations for the sports industry

Supporting sports associations and sports marketing agencies to successfully operate and expand internationally

Specialist translations for the sports industry

Sport brings people from all nations together. But, behind the scenes, sports associations, sports marketing agencies, equipment manufacturers and sponsors must deliver a broad spectrum of internal and external content, which will go out into multiple overseas markets.

EVS Translations supports these businesses by producing translations of all corporate or creative content, managing it over time for consistency and greater value. Our in-house specialist sports translators work with the latest technology, which allows us to deliver content for print and all digital media channels. It’s a comprehensive service that can be scaled-up through our international network of offices to meet even very large-scale international demand.

World-famous sports associations and agencies partner with EVS Translations

An insight into the formats that the team from EVS Translations regularly translates for sports marketing and communication agencies, sports clubs in Germany and abroad and various Bundesliga football clubs:

  • Urgent press releases and interviews
  • Player contracts and sponsorship agreements
  • Sports news and magazine content
  • Video content for blogs, websites and social media with metadata such as titles and description text
  • Training manuals and instructional videos
  • E-commerce for sports merchandise including International Search Engine Optimisation (ISEO)
  • Concepts for establishing fan communities abroad
  • Sports related apps including fitness apps

Transcription, subtitling and voice-over for sports videos

Sports companies may be at different stages of the video production process when they approach EVS Translations for multilingual video localisation. Our team of linguistic and technical experts work with your source language video content to deliver exactly the level of localisation you need: from a time coded script and .SRT subtitle files to a fully localised video which is embedded with subtitles and/ or voice-over plus all translated onscreen text (including animated text). They can also assist with video content that doesn’t require translation work but does require source language voice-over or open/ closed subtitles. Speak with our in-house technical experts today and they can guide you through the process.

More information on sports translations

  • Sports translation servicesFile Size: 462 KBSports connects billions of people around the globe but how do major sports organisations deliver coherent communications and information across multiple languages?

If your business operates in the sports sector or is a supplier to this sector, speak with our team today about corporate and creative sports translations. Our experts can advise you on the best workflows for your project, turn-around times and any other details specific to your requirements.

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