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Localisation Services

EVS Translations is a leader in professional language localisation services which significantly broadens the reach and visibility of a software product in global markets.


EVS Translations works with leading software manufacturers, developers and other service providers that offer their customers software user interfaces that facilitate, improve and aid interaction. We translate:

Centralised Software Localisation Service

Our solution to software localisation is multi-faceted combining both quality and process improvement.  The EVS Translations team of project managers, qualified linguists, file engineers and software testers offers:

For a personal consultation or a no obligation quote for your project, contact our friendly team in Nottingham.

File Engineering and Software Testing

Recent Project: Video Production

"In a recent project, we translated online Internet security information for children into Chinese. This targeted increased awareness about personal data, online security and chat room risks. The project included the translation of song texts and crossword puzzles, which required a high level of localisation due to differences between European and Chinese characters."

- Project-Management, EVS Translations UK

For enquiries and to discuss any upcoming requirements you may have, please call our UK office on +44-115 96 44 288.

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