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Voiceover and subtitling

Take your video content global and attract a global consumer base.

Video content that captures the attention of global consumers

As the explosion of content on the internet and social media has led to consumer fatigue, businesses increasingly use video content as a way to quickly capture dwindling attention-spans. EVS Translations has delivered comprehensive video solutions to leading global brands for product commercials, customer testimonials and e-learning across a wide-range of languages.

High-quality translated content combined with accurate timings makes the difference between engagement and your audience moving onto the next video in the feed. If your business is planning to launch its video content into overseas markets, our teams are here to help you go further.

Voiceover or subtitling services?

Having the original narration in your video content recorded in a foreign language helps you to reach new audiences. But since viewers may be watching with the sound turned off, subtitles are always a great way to ensure you don’t lose anyone’s attention.

Our in-house teams can deliver both voiceover and subtitling services to help your business get maximum ROI on all your video content.  Linguists and technical experts work together to ensure that high-quality translated content is matched by accurate timing for an effortless viewing experience.

Corporate videos

EVS Translations works with corporate HR departments to deliver health and safety training, e-learning and internal communications via video. Video content can be produced in multiple languages per project and delivered as audio-files for voiceover or .SRT files for subtitling. Alternatively, our technical teams can embed the content in the video for you, so it’s a finished product ready for launch.

If your team is planning to launch global video content, call us today on +44 (0)115 934 5010  or use our contact form.

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