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Comprehensive translation services for globally facing businesses

Meeting the Demand for Multilingual Content and Communication

Businesses are under pressure to communicate rapidly across international markets. EVS Translations combines human expertise with the right technology solutions so businesses can communicate globally. The translation technology team at EVS Translations supports automation and integration with your company's preferred systems, while our linguistic experts flawlessly recreate your original content in the languages you need.

Translation Services for Print and Multimedia Content

Whether your team needs digital brochures, video, a new website or your company is hosting a live stream event with an international audience, EVS Translations provides a single-source solution. Ask our team about the following services:

People, Processes and Technology for a Seamless Customer Experience

In-house teams, translation management software, ISO-certified quality management and continuous process innovation means clients receive high-quality translations as part of a seamless service.


Human Translation Expertise

At the heart of what we do is the art of translation. That is why we hire and train the best translator talent to work as permanent in-house members of our team. They understand what our clients want and care about their content. This in-house approach allows much greater control over resources, quality and timeframes. For less in-demand languages, we work with carefully selected partners who are audited by us to ensure quality and reliability.

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Viking chants and social media influence: why language and culture matter to sports marketers


Viking chants and social media influence: why language and culture matter to sports marketers


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EVS Translations is a World Top 100 Largest Language Services Provider


EVS Translations is a World Top 100 Largest Language Services Provider


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Why Steven Spielberg says no to subtitling


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Our Christmas present to clients and partners in 2021: A donation to Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center


Rescate Wildlife Rescue Center


When our former colleague Thomas Schmidt handed in his notice last year, we were all pretty flabbergasted. Why didn’t he want to work for EVS Translations anymore? Did he receive an offer that he couldn’t refuse? Not quite. Though in some ways, yes. He announced that he would be [...]