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Are you a globally facing business with multilingual demands? We have the right translation solutions for you.

Scalable Multilingual Solutions

Global and USA-based businesses that face the challenge of rapid communication and information exchange across multiple international markets turn to EVS Translations for end-to-end language solutions that can be scaled. At EVS Translations, human expertise combines with technical innovation to deliver intelligent solutions that help businesses speak the languages of all their global stakeholders.

A Strategic Partner to Global Companies

As a market leader for business language solutions, with a global presence, over 25 years’ experience and the ability to work across time zones – we focus on four areas to perform as a strategic partner to global companies: an unique Translation as a Service (TaaS) concept in line with international standards, the delivery of technology solutions (CAT tools, system integrations, platforms and machine intelligence), process innovation (options for process automation to coordinate and control high volume demand), consulting (actionable insights for businesses seeking to construct an internal translation technology architecture or support for developing a bespoke machine intelligence system).


Human Translation Expertise

EVS Translations has the necessary linguistic and technical expertise to manage any issue that might arise with different languages - from translation and desktop publishing to the comprehensive management of all content across a company’s multiple corporate departments.

Our linguistic talent - almost 100 translators and proofreaders who work as permanent members of staff based at each of our 8 global offices – has the in-house experts for the core European languages as well as 8 Asian languages, along with Chinese.

EVS Translations has grown around an innovative business model, which places expert human translation skill at its core and for less frequently requested languages we maintain long-standing relationships with globally-located translation companies that use their own internal resources for a particular language. We audit them on a regular basis to ensure consistent quality and greater control over resources and timeframes.

Furthermore, our portfolio of in-house services ensures delivery of multilingual translated content across print documentation, digital platforms and audio-visual media. From desktop publishing and subtitling or voice-over to transcreation and multilingual SEO, we offer a single-source solution delivered by our in-house experts who work as part of a globally connected team.

Multilingual Translations Made Smarter for You

Through the integration of translation management software for greater efficiency, the introduction of a project management platform for reduced administrative effort, and by establishing a firm basis for ISO-certified quality control and continuous technology innovation, EVS Translations makes multilingual translations smarter for you. Let us help your business go further. We’re ready, are you?

More Information About EVS Translation

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