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Transcribing Your Recordings to Capture the Most Important Part of Your Ideas – Words

Conventions, exec board meetings, phone conferences and many others are usually filled with dozens of great ideas bouncing back and forth during the brainstorming process which are often hard to capture with notes right then and there. So recording them comes in very handy when one wants to look back at what was actually discussed. However, in the aftermath of the meeting, sifting through hours of conversation to find a single idea can waste a lot of time and money, which is why EVS Translations offers transcriptions of any of your audio or visual files – for fast and reliable access to everything that was said at the meeting. Besides, the written word generally still means more than the spoken word.

Translating Transcriptions for All Business Purposes

After your files are transcribed, we can translate them for you as well, into more than 25 languages. The in-house translators and proofreaders here at EVS Translations are trained in subject-specific terminology but can also work with word banks created by you, if you prefer that. No matter the subject, be it legal, medical, finances etc., the translators translate with the correct terminology and can even include accents or dialects for you – for that extra bit of awareness to cultural and ethnical nuances that exist throughout the complexity of language.

No Recording Is Perfect – But We Can Transcribe It Perfectly

MP3s, MP4s, MPEGs, MOVs, or even FLVs are no problem for our trained translators and in-house IT team. Your recording can be transcribed at any stage in the process – and at any quality. Human errors like mumbling, background noises, or too many conversation participants are normal during recordings and the transcription experts have the technical and professional skills to work around these for individual customer satisfaction.

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